Top 7 Reasons Why Poodles Are The Worst (Must Know)

7 Reasons why poodles are the worst

why poodles are the worst

Do you know why poodles are the worst? 

As a dog lover, I like pugs simply because they are small and handy and do not have long hair. They are friendly and obedient. They are not aggressive and troublesome like other dogs.

Poodles have long, curly hair that covers all their eyes and ears. They differ in color and size but share the same personality. 

They are classified as Toy, Miniature, and Standard, with colors that can go over thirty color combinations. The color of puppies and grown poodles can differ greatly once they grow up.

Just like humans, dogs can be complicated to an extent based on how they are raised or trained. 

They study humans; they need proper guidance and training. Some smart dogs are even trained to use the restroom when needed.

Some people even teach poodles to walk using only their two paws instead of four. Poodles can be very smart to that extent, but they need proper training.

Dogs act as good emotional support for humans. They study our body language and try to hype us up when we have ups and downs. 

They serve humans as their masters, and dogs have been great supporters and protectors in big families with babies and pregnant women.

Dogs also give us companionship, and the chance of getting heart disease is lower for dog owners than nonowners. 

They help to get free from loneliness, depression, and anxiety. However, poodles can be the worst if training and discipline are not properly given. 


Here are reasons of why poodles are the worst. 

1. Poodles are dangerous and short-tempered.

poodles are the worst 2

We have already said that poodles are known for their loud barking, besides these poodles. They have strange behaviors which might be dangerous for some people.

The small poodles are more complicated than the bigger ones and have a short temper, making them aggressive and vulgar to others.

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2. Poodles are high maintenance.

poodles are the worst 3

Poodles require grooming at least twice or thrice a month, which includes perming, skin treatment, bathing, and maintaining good hygiene.

Brushing their teeth, cutting their nails, styling their coat, daily brushing, and cleaning their ears are all part of grooming. 

One needs to clean their face every day with pet wipes to be free from fleas. 

Their eyes and ears need to be checked occasionally for redness and inflammation. 

As they are also prone to mouth and gum disease, frequent cleaning of the mouth area is highly recommended.

Besides that, they also need good supplements for their health and physical features. 

 As they can easily get gastrointestinal disorders as well, it is better to maintain good supplements.

This shows they are luxurious, which might be a big minus for low-maintenance dog owners.

3. Poodles are known for their loud barking.

poodles are the worst 4

Poodles are also protective and mindful, just like other dogs. But what makes you search why poodles are the worst is that they are likely to bark loudly and aggressively when they see an unfamiliar face . 

Some mannerly and aggressive poodles might even bite and attack.

The excessive barking might irritate others as well.

Poodles also bark out of irritation and boredom. They can be very energetic at times like this.

As poodles can be very short-tempered, they prefer to avoid people entering their territory. 

They often have a territory of their own, so when they see others crossing their land, they become ferocious and bark as much as possible. 

Some poodles can even bark continuously if their owners do not tell them to stop.

4. Poodles are attention-seekers.

poodles are the worst 5

Poodles need attention from their owners to have a happy life. They get bored and moody when they do not receive attention from their owners.

Their mood enlightens and changes only when they are given attention. Poodles need care and attention, just like kids.

They feel light and happy when given treats and pampered like kids. 

Poodles like to stay with humans all the time and love to depend on them as much as they can. That is why they are very attention-seeking. 

If they happen to learn new things from their owners, they want to put on a show to please them.

They are excited to show off their skills and abilities, from learning to catch balls to fetching sticks.

They are very social dogs, but they can develop destructive behaviors if they are not taught properly to socialize.

They love to be in a busy household where they can play and have fun with others. This shows that they are very attention-seeking and needy as well. 

They depend a lot on humans and need toys around to help them with their coping mechanisms.

5. Poodles tend to bite

poodles are the worst 6

As Poodles can get quite aggressive they are prone to biting Mostly to the strangers but also to the owners if they get too aggressive.

This tendency is usually seen in the puppies at the early stage but sometimes it can be noticed in an adult poodles too. Recently, upon my visit to long distance relatives; I experienced the same thing when one of the cousin was bitten by the host’s poodle.

6. Poodles are the worst, as they are prone to depression and disease.

poodles are the worst 5

One of the reason Why Poodles are the worst is also because they are too sensitive. Just like a mother needs to care for a baby, a poodle requires care and love.

They can suffer from anxiety, separation anxiety, depression, stress, and fatigue. Because of their long hair, they are very prone to skin problems. They are internally and externally sensitive.

They can get diseases like Addison’s disease, Gastric Dilatation Volvulus, Cushing’s Disease, Epilepsy, Hip Dysplasia, Hypothyroidism, Perthes Disease, Patellar Luxation, Progressive Retinal Atrophy (PRAY g), Optic Nerve Hypoplasia, Sebaceous Adenitis (SA), Von Willebrand’s Disease.

These are all common diseases that affect dogs. But since poodles are quite sensitive, which makes them even more prone to these diseases, They make poodles the worst breed.

7. Poodles need proper training and exercise

Poodles are proud and elegant. Purebred dogs have an alpha attitude if they are not given proper training. They can get aggressive, even toward their owners.

Especially the smaller ones have a proud attitude, which makes them destructive if they do not get proper training. They can have mood swings as well if they are not trained well. 

This could be because they are intelligent enough to show some attitudes toward humans. They need to be stimulated both physically and mentally. 

They are very energetic and lively, so they need to exercise occasionally to energize them.

Poodles love to jump and run around; this can start with jumping onto a couch or bedroom or giving them short fences so that they can jump and exercise.

They are energetic and competitive in their way. The owner needs to give small, simple tasks to keep up with them.

If they are not given frequent exercise, they get bored and become furious. They can be playful in a naughty way. 

They might even chew your shoes, throw tantrums at home, or get muddy outside.

In a nutshell,

Although poodles are problematic and could be the worst, some people like pet poodles because of their stylish features and hair.

If they are given proper training and discipline, they can be prevented from worsening.

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1. Q: Why poodles are the worst, Do they have any bad habits?
A: Yes, like all dogs, poodles can develop bad habits if not properly trained and socialized.

2. Q: What are some common bad habits poodles might exhibit?
A: Poodles can develop habits like excessive barking, jumping on people, and begging for food.

3. Q: Can poodles be prone to destructive behavior?

A: Yes, poodles might engage in destructive chewing or digging if they’re bored or anxious.

4. Q: Are poodles known for any food-related bad habits?
A: Some poodles may snatch food from counters or beg during mealtimes.

5. Q: Is separation anxiety a potential bad habit in poodles?
A: Yes, poodles can develop separation anxiety and display behaviors like excessive whining or destructive actions when left alone.

6. Q: Do poodles have a tendency to pull on the leash during walks?
A: Yes, without proper leash training, poodles might exhibit pulling behavior during walks.

7. Q: Can poodles become possessive or territorial?
A: Yes, poodles may show possessive behaviors over toys, food, or even people if not taught proper social behavior.

8. Q: Are poodles prone to chasing or nipping at moving objects?
A: Some poodles might have a natural instinct to chase, which can lead to chasing moving objects or even nipping at heels.

9. Q: Do poodles tend to exhibit any bad behaviors towards other dogs?
A: Without proper socialization, poodles might display aggressive or dominant behavior towards other dogs.

10. Q: Can poodles develop habits like excessive digging?
A: Yes, poodles might dig excessively, especially if they’re trying to find a cool spot or alleviate boredom.