List of Will Smith Movies (2023)

In this article of list of will smith movies we will discuss about the iconic role that will smith has played over the years.

list of will smith movies

Will Smith is an award winning american actor, producer, and rapper also known as “The Fresh Prince”, his stage name. He started with rapping, but his popularity grew the most when he starred in “The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air”, a popular TV series. This is a list of movies he later appeared in.

List of Will Smith Movies

Movie Title Character Played Release Year
Where the Day Takes You Manny 1992
Made in America Tea Cake Walters 1993
Six Degrees of Separation Paul 1993
Bad Boys Mike Lowrey 1995
Independence Day Capt. Steven Hiller 1996
Men in Black Agent J 1997
Enemy of the State Robert Clayton Dean 1998
Wild Wild West Capt. James West 1999
The Legend of Bagger Vance Bagger Vance 2000
Ali Muhammad Ali 2001
Men in Black II Agent J 2002
Bad Boys II Mike Lowrey 2003
I, Robot Del Spooner 2004
Shark Tale Oscar (voice) 2004
Hitch Alex ‘Hitch’ Hitchens 2005
The Pursuit of Happyness Chris Gardner 2006
I Am Legend Dr. Robert Neville 2007
Hancock John Hancock 2008
Seven Pounds Ben Thomas 2008
Men in Black 3 Agent J 2012
After Earth Cypher Raige 2013
Focus Nicky 2015
Concussion Dr. Bennet Omalu 2015
Suicide Squad Deadshot (cameo) 2016
Collateral Beauty Howard Inlet 2016
Bright Daryl Ward 2017
Aladdin Genie 2019
Spies in Disguise Lance Sterling (voice) 2019
Bad Boys for Life Mike Lowrey 2020
King Richard Richard Williams 2021
Venus and Serena (TBA) Richard Williams TBA

Will Smith Famous Roles

Battling Robots in “I, Robot”

I, Robot, released in 2004, featured Smith as an anti-robot police officer living in an environment where robots have become an integral part of society. The film combined action, suspense and ethical dilemmas into an engaging sci fi thriller experience which illustrated Smith’s mastery of science fiction genre.

Comedy Gold: “Men in Black”

Will Smith made an indelible mark in comedy with his portrayal of Agent J from “Men in Black”, an intergalactic monitoring service overseen by the US government that provided sci-fi thrills with each installment. His comedic timing combined perfectly with action-packed sci-fi plotlines in these iconic shows.


On the Pursuit of Excellence: Ali”

Portraying legendary boxer Muhammad Ali in “Ali” wasn’t easy, yet Smith took on this daunting challenge with ease in the biographical film “Ali.” His commitment both physically and emotionally proved that his performances delivered authentic representations.


Smith showed his versatility by lending his voice to Genie from Disney’s live-action adaptation of “Aladdin.” Infusing this iconic role with his characteristic humor and charm.

“I Am Legend”

In “I Am Legend,” Smith made another bold stance against supernatural threats as the last human survivor in a post-apocalyptic world overrun with mutants. This film’s unsettling atmosphere and Smith’s riveting performance cemented its place among his filmography.

Return of “Men in Black 3”

Smith returned to the “Men in Black” franchise with its third installment, reminding audiences why it had become such a beloved series. This film blended time travel and extraterrestrial adventure seamlessly – something which had made its predecessors such fan favorites.


In “Focus,” (2015) Smith played the part of a con artist who falls romantically involved with another con artist – an intricate plot and relationship between leads brought new depth to Smith’s filmography.

Protecting the Future with “Gemini Man” Will Smith stars as an aging assassin who finds himself hunted down by an younger clone of himself in “Gemini Man,” an action-adventure sci-fi thriller from 2019. This groundbreaking film pushes technology’s limits while showcasing Smith’s lasting appeal.

Will Smith is an actor of remarkable versatility. From action-packed blockbusters to moving dramas, his performances continue to resonate with audiences worldwide. Each time out onscreen, Smith brings something different that keeps viewers coming back for more; and his legacy in Hollywood remains an inspiration both to fellow actors and admirers.


Q1. How Many Movies Has Will Smith Appeared In?

Will Smith has appeared in over 30 movies throughout his career.

Q2: Did Will Smith win any awards for his performances?
Yes, Will Smith has received numerous honors, including two Academy Award nominations.

Q3: Which movie holds Will Smith’s highest-grossing title?
As of today, “Aladdin” holds Will Smith’s record as his highest-grossing movie.

Q4: Has Will Smith ever collaborated on any films with members of his family?
Absolutely; Will Smith appeared alongside Jaden Smith in both “The Pursuit of Happiness” and “After Earth.”

Will Smith has two upcoming projects. These films include King Richard and Bad Boys for Life.


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