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Mukbang is a type of videos where a person records video and sound of themselves eating certain amount of food and in certain degree they interact with their viewers. In the beginning mukbang word was reserved only for those eating large amounts of food, but today it applies to all videos where people simply eat.

This specific genre of videos become popular in South Korea back in 2010 but after that it went virally across the globe and is currently huge trend on YouTube. Mukbang word derives from two Korean words: “eating” (meokneun) and “broadcast” (bangsong).

Here we bring the list of best and most popular mukbang artists…

  • SAS-ASMR (6.250.000 subscribers)
    SAS-ASMR is the most popular Canadian mukbang artist. She specializes in ASMR eating and chewing videos. She has Thai origins.
  • Yuka Kinoshita (5.210.467 subscribers)
    Yuka Kinoshita is a Japanese YouTuber, competitive eater and mukbang performer. She won numerous eating competitions… Fact that she is only using Japanese language in her videos didn’t stop her to become worldwide famous.
  • [Dorothy]도로시 (2.747.459 subscribers)
    Dorothy is a South Korean ASMR artist. She is relatively new in mukban world, starting her channel just 3 years ago in 2016. Dorothy is known for eating large amounts of food but still being skinny.
  • N.E Let’s Eat (2.300.000 subscribers)
    N.E Let’s Eat is an ASMR family of 3 which records chewing and eating videos. Mother leads the channel while kids are form of supporting actors. Mother Sissi is a sister of SAS-ASMR which leads this list.
  • SuellASMR (1.842.823 subscribers)
    SuellASMR is an American ASMR artist and a YouTuber. She is of Vietnamese descent. Suell was born on December 5, 1982 in Boston, USA. She lives in Los Angeles. She specialized in ASMR sounding mukbang and eating videos.
  • Zach Choi (1.503.983 subscribers)
    Zach Choi is an American ASMR artist and a YouTube star. He was born on August 27, 1986 in Baltimore, MD, USA. Currently he lives in Los Angeles. He is one of the YouTubers who promotes responsible mukbang videos. He does extensive fitness trainings to keep his weight ideal beside eating large amount of food.
  • Nikocado Avocado (1.432.061 subscribers)
    NicoadoAvocado is an American YouTuber best known for mukbang videos and his public denouncement of veganism.
  • Veronica Wang (1.270.735 subscribers)
    Veronica Wang is a Canadian mukbang YouTuber. She began recording videos in 2010 and is one of the mukbang artists longest on the scene. Beside eating videos, she does food vlogging, tutorials, taste tests, and challenges. Her sister Victoria is also YouTuber.
  • JaeYeol ASMR (1,011,345)
    JaeYeol ASMR (Real name: Choi Jaeyeol) is a South Korean ASMR artist and a YouTube star. He was born on July 4, 1991 in Seoul, South Korea where he also currently lives. He began filming in 2016 and in exactly 3 years he managed to get 1 million subscribers.
  • ASMR Phan (752.042 subscribers)
    ASMR Phan whose real name is unknown is an American ASMR artist and YouTuber of Vietnamese descent. She was born on Jun 24, 1983 in Lacey, Washington, where she also currently lives. She is married and has two kids. Her eating videos are often followed by her whispering.


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