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Digital distribution is quickly becoming the preferred way for people to buy games, and for developers to distribute them. While Steam is currently dominant in this area there is a number of alternatives. Here is a list of all the places you can buy and immediately download just about any game out there, from the oldies (GOG) to the latest and greatest releases (Steam, Impulse etc.) to Indie games (Desura).

Digital Distribution Service Description
Steam The most popular digital distribution service by Valve for Windows, Mac and Linux (soon) carrying most mainstream games
GOG “Good Old Games”, an excellent service featuring many older titles on the cheap.
Humble Bundle (promotions) Periodically changing bundles of selected games you can buy at your own price
Xbox PC Games Marketplace (Games for Windows Live) Microsoft’s online game store for Windows
GameFly Buy games or bundles of games for download or play any game without limit for a monthly fee.
GamersGate Sweden based alternative to Steam and others offering many mainstream titles.
GameStop PC Downloads (Impulse) Formerly known as Impulse, this store offers mainstream game downloads, and also supports blogging, friends-list, chat, game matchmaking, achievements and ranking through its app.
Amazon Digital Deals Amazon’s selection of downloadable games for PC and Mac Get World of Warcraft, StarCraft or Diablo here
Origin by EA Electronic Arts’ own digital distribution service for games by EA
GamesPlanet An online game store featuring mainstream and indie games for PC and Mac, including Freemium games, kids games, and an unlimited play service for a monthly fee. Offers game downloads for PC, points, games and add-ons for Xbox, and PSN subscriptions (download section)
DLGamer Download PC or Mac games or get gamecards and Steam keys.
Desura Mostly indie games and mods for Windows, Mac and Linux.
DotEmu A distribution service for retro games on PC and mobile (Android and iPhone).
Tiggit Easy installer of free indie games available online
Greenman Gaming Online game store which supports trading already purchased games for credits to purchase new games.
Gametap Game store offering downloads, retro games as well as the unlimited play subscription.
Gameolith Online store for Linux games.
Ubuntu Software Center A games section of the Ubuntu Software Center, only for Ubuntu Linux users.
Mac App Store A number of small and big games available for easy purchase and install on any Mac.
Directly from the developer’s website Some developers sell their games for download directly from their official web site.
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