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Haiti Earthquake 2010Photo by IFRC

1. 02/27/2010 – Haiti

Magnitude: 8.8 Death Toll: 316,000

The earthquake that struck Haiti in early 2010 has been highly regarded as one of the most horrific natural disasters of modern day. It was estimated by the government of Haiti that a quarter of a million homes were either damaged or destroyed, and 30,000 buildings/businesses were in terrible or unrecognizable states. 2014 has officially marked the fourth anniversary the Haiti earthquake, and as of 2013, nearly 300,000 people were still reported to be displaced and dispersed among roughly 350 sites. The number of people originally displaced when the earthquake took place was around 1.5 million. In modern day, the casualties taken by the Haiti earthquake have no doubt made this natural catastrophe one of the most horrendous tragedies of the modern day world.

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