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China EarthquakePhoto by wen_chuan

3. 05/12/2008 – Sichuan, China

Magnitude: 7.9 Death Toll: 87,587

On May 12, 2008, the Sichuan province of China experienced the earthquake of a lifetime that absolutely nothing could have prepared society for. Otherwise known as the Wenchuan earthquake, this natural disaster was the killer of over 80,000 people, and it produced after shocks for months after the original quake had ended. It was the deadliest earthquake China had seen ever since the Tangshan earthquake in 1976, and $137.5 billion was spent in reconstruction efforts. From the 1900’s to 2014, the Wenchuan earthquake has been marked as the second most costliest earthquake, in terms of estimated direct loss at the time of the quake.

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