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Bam Earthquake Aftermath 2004Photo by dewolfimages

5. 12/26/2003 – Bam, Iran

Magnitude: 6.6 Death Toll: 31,000

On December 26th, 2003, Bam, Iran experienced relentless destruction when a 6.6 magnitude earthquake hit without much notification in the early hours of the morning. Because the city was not prepared for an earthquake due to mud brick being the common construction medium, the city saw an aggravated amount of decimation. It is estimated that nearly all infrastructures and buildings were either damaged or destroyed, and 70% of housing was entirely annihilated. $410 million was designated for reconstruction once the damages were assessed. In 2003 and out of all earthquakes combined across the globe, the Bam earthquake was the culprit for nearly 75% of earthquake casualties.

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