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March 29th, 2022
List of URL Extensions

URL Extensions are Top Level Domain names which typically represent a country, region, or a type of organization which might be found at an internet address containing that URL extension. For instance .gov refers to government institutions while .edu refers to educational institutions, and so on. Here’s the list.

List of URL Extensions
URL Extension Meaning
.aero air transport industry
.asia Asia-Pacific region
.biz business
.cat Catalan
.com commercial
.coop cooperatives
.edu educational
.gov U.S. governmental
.info information
.int international organizations
.jobs companies
.mil U.S. military
.mobi mobile devices
.museum museums
.name individuals, by name
.net network
.org organization
.pro professions
.tel Internet communication services
.travel travel and tourism industry related sites
ae United Arab Emirates
ai Anguilla
ar Argentine Republic
arpa Advanced Projects Research Agency
at Austria
au Australia
be Belgium
bg Bulgaria
bh Finland
bm Bermuda
bo Bolivia
br Brazil
ca Canada
ch Switzerland
cl Chile
cn People’s Republic of China
co Colombia
com Commercial
cr Costa Rica
cy Cyprus
cz Czech Republic
de Federal Republic of Germany
dk Denmark
do Dominican Republic
ec Ecuador
edu Education
ee Estonia
eg Arab Republic of Egypt
es Spain
fi Finland
fj Fiji
fo Faroe Islands
fr France
gb Great Britain
ge Georgia
gl Greenland
gov Government
gr Greece
gu Guam
hk Hong Kong (Hisiangkang, Xianggang)
hr Croatia / Hrvatska
hu Hungary
id Indonesia
ie Ireland
il Israel
in India
int International
is Iceland
it Italian Republic
jm Jamaica
jo The Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan
jp Japan
kr Korea
kw Kuwait
ky Cayman Islands
kz Kazakhstan
lc Saint Lucia
li Principality of Liechtenstein
lt Lithuania
lu Grand Duchy of Luxembourg
lv Latvia
mil Military
mo Macau (Àomén)
mt Malta
mx United Mexican States
my Malaysia
net Network
ni Nicaragua
nl Netherlands
no Norway
nz New Zealand
org Organization
pa Panama
pe Peru
ph Philippines
pl Poland
pt Portuguese Republic
ro Romainia
ru Russian Federation
se Sweden
sg Singapore
si Slovenia
sk Slovakia
su Union of Soviet Socialist Republics
th Thailand
tr Turkey
tt Trinidad & Tobago
tw Taiwan
ua Ukraine
ug Uganda
uk United Kingdom of Great Britain
us United States of America
uy Uruguay
ve Venezuela
za South Africa
zm Zambia
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