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November 12th, 2022
List of Trucking Companies

Trucks are useful for conveying a large amount of items from one place on land to another, and doing this is the business of trucking companies. If you are in need one, or wish to work for or with one this list might help.

List of Trucking Companies
Brown Miller Leasing & Transportation
Dana Companies
DDI Transportation
Fleetwood Transportation Services, Inc.
W.J. Donovan Mayflower
3 K B Transportation
A & A Express, Inc.
A & B Freight Line, Inc
A & H Trucking
A to Z Trucking, Inc.
A-1 Auto Transport, Inc.
A. Anastasio & Sons Trucking Co., Inc.
A. Arnold World Class Relocation
A. Duie Pyle
A. L. Smith Trucking
A.D. Transport Express, Inc.
A.N. Webber Inc.
A1 Express Delivery Service, Inc.
A2Z Freightways
AAA Cooper Transportation
AAAdvantage Auto Transport, Inc.
Aaron Trucking
AB Trucking
ABF Freight System, Inc.
Abrachem Transportation, LLC
Absolute Transport, LLC
Accelerated Freight Group
Ace Doran Hauling & Rigging Co.
Acme Truck Line, Inc.
Action Resources, Inc.
Action Transport, Inc.
Active Truck Transport, LLC
Adams and Son Trucking
Admiral Merchants Motor Freight, Inc.
Adrian Carriers, Inc.
ADS Logistics
Advantage Transport, Inc.
Aero Bulk Carrier, Inc.
AG Express, Inc.
Air Container Transport
Air Products & Chemicals, Inc.
Air-Land Transport Service, Inc.
Air-Ride, Inc.
Air-Road Express
AJ Weigand
Alabama Freight, Inc.
Alan Farmer Trucking
Alan Ritchey, Inc.
Albany Transport, Inc.
Alden Logistics, Inc.
All Freight Systems Inc.
All State Express
All United Transport
All-Ways Trucking, Inc.
Allen Lund Company
Aloha Freightways, Inc.
Alpha Transport, Inc.
Alta Transportation
Altar Hauling
Altom Transport
Alvan Motor Freight
AMA Transportation
Ameri-Co Carriers, Inc.
Ameri-Line, Inc
American Eagle Lines
American Road Line, Inc.
American West Worldwide Express, Inc.
Amhof Trucking, Inc.
Amstan Logistics, Inc.
AMX. Inc.
Anderson Trucking Company, Inc.
Anderson Trucking Service, Inc.
Andrews Transport, L.P.
Andrus Transportation Services
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Arctic Express
Armstrong Relocation
Associated Freight Brokers, Inc.
Associated Transfer & Storage
Atlas Trucking Company
Automotive Carrier Services, Inc.
Averitt Transport
B & G Transportation, Inc.
B & K Trucking
B&G Delivery Systems
B&W Interstate
Baggett Transportation
Bailey’s Moving & Storage
Baldwin Distribution Services Ltd.
Baltic Logistics
Bar Transportation
Barber Trucking Inc.
Barlow Truck Line
Barney Trucking
Barrett Moving & Storage
Bart Larsen Trucking
Bass Transportation Co.,
Bay & Bay Transfer
Baylor Trucking
Bear Cartage & Intermodal, Inc
Beaver Express
Bee-Line Delivery Service
Beelman Truck Co.
Bell Trucking CO., Inc.
Bellavance Trucking
Ben Shinn Trucking Co.
Bennett International Group, LLC
Best Cartage
Best Delivery Systems
Best Transfer Company
Bestway Express, Inc.
Bestway Systems Inc.
Bestway Systems, Inc.
Bestway Transfer & Storage, Inc.
Bettencourt Trucking, Inc.
Bhandal Brothers Trucking, Inc.
Big G Express
Birchwood Transport
Birk Transfer Inc.
Bisson Moving & Storage
Black River Transportation
Blue Diamond Trucking, LLC
Blue Flash Express, LLC
Blue Line Transportation Co. Inc.
Blue Streak Logistics
Blume Farms, Inc.
Bo-Mark Transport,Inc.
Boca Industries
Boise Cascade Transportation, Inc.
Bolt Express
Bond Freight Transfer Service
Bonus Transportation, Inc.
Bork Transport
Bottom Line Transport
Bower’s Trucking
Bowles Transportation, LLC
Bowlus Trucking Company LLC
Boyd Brothers Transportation, Inc.
Boyle Transportation
BR Williams Trucking, Inc.
Bradway Trucking
Brandt Truck Line
Brent Redmond Transportation
Bridge Terminal Transport, Inc.
Bright Truck Leasing, L.P.
Britton Transport Inc.
Broadway Express
Brown Transfer Co.
Bruce Oakley, Inc.
Bryan Systems
BTI Special Commodities, Inc.
Buchanan Hauling
Budd Van lines
Bulk Express, Inc.
Bulkmatic Trucking
Bullett Freight Systems, Inc.
Burns Motor Freight, Inc.
Buske Lines, Inc.
Bynum Transport
C&C Trucking
C. Bean Transport, Inc.
C.A.T. – Concord
C.B.S. Transportation, Inc.
C.R. England
Cal State Xpress
CalArk International, Inc.
CalArk Trucking
Caledonia Haulers, Inc.
Calex Logistics
Canal Cartage Co.
Cannon Freight Systems Inc.
Cantrell Logistics, LLC
Capitol Express and Warehousing
Cardinal Logistics
Cardinal Transport
Cargo Services Express, Inc
Carlen Transport
Carlisle Carrier Corp.
Carolina Refrigerated Transport
Carolina Transportation Systems
Caroline Cargo
Carroll Fulmer Logistics
Carry Transit
Cassens Transport Company
CAST Transportation
Causley Trucking Inc.
CDL Careers LLC
CDN Logistics, Inc.
Central Freight Lines, Inc.
Central Hauling Services
Central Oregon Truck Company
Central Oregon Trucking
Central States Trucking Co.
Central Transport, Inc.
Central Transportation Services, Inc.
Central Trucking Inc.
CFI Contract Freighters, Inc. – C.F.I.
Charles Dewey Recruiting
Cheetah Transportation
Chief Truck Lines, Inc.
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Chizek Transport, Inc
Christenson Transportation, Inc.
CHTL Trucking
Chucks Transport, Inc.
Churchill Transport
Circle Delivery Service, Inc.
Clark & Reid Company, Inc.
Clark Transfer, Inc.
Class A Recruiting
Classic Carriers, Inc.
Cleveland Express Trucking Company
Climate Express Inc.
CLM Freight Lines Inc.
Coastal Transport
Coca Cola Enterprises
Colonial Freight Systems, Inc.
Combined Transport, Inc.
Comcar Industries Inc.
Company & O/O Jobs
Comtrak Logistics
Con-way Inc.
Concord Trucking Services,Inc.
Conley Trucking Inc.
ContainerPort Group, Inc., Inc.
Continental Express
Cooke Trucking Company, Inc.
Core Carrier Corporation
Core-Mark International
Countrywide Auto Transport
Cowen Truck Line Inc.
Cox Transfer, Inc.
D & D Sexton, Inc.
D&L Trucking, Inc.
D&M Express Inc.
D.P. Curtis Trucking, Inc.
Dahlsten Truck Line, Inc.
Daily Express, Inc.
Dallas & Mavis Specialized Carrier Co.
Danny Herman Trucking Inc.
Davis Cartage Company
Davis Express, Inc
Davis Transport, Inc.
Dawn Trucking Co.
Dayton Freight Lines, Inc.
DCi Transportation
DD&S Express INC.
Deboer Transportation, Inc.
Decker Transport Company Inc.
Dedicated Logistics, Inc.
Dependable Highway Express
Desert Coastal Transport
Design Transport
Devine Intermodal
Diamond Tranportation Group, Inc.
Dick Lavy Trucking, Inc.
Digby Truck Line, Inc.
Dillon Transportation, LLC
Direct Transport Services, Inc.
Distribution Technologies, Inc.
Diversified Transfer and Storage
Dohrn Transfer Co.
Double “S” Transportation
Double S Transport
Doug Andrus Distributing
Douglas Transportation, Inc.
Dragon Creek Carriers
Drivers Circuit
Duncan & Son Lines
Duplainville Transport
Dupre’ Transport, LLC
Dutch Maid Logistics
Dynamic Transportation
E.W. Wylie, Inc.
Eagan Transport Inc.
Eastern Connnection
Eastern Express, Inc
Elderlite Express
Empire Express, Inc.,
Empire Truck Lines
Emrick’s Van & Storage
Enterprise Transportation Co.
Epes Transport System, Inc
Erdner Bros., Inc.
Evan’s Trucking
Excargo Services Inc.
Ezzell Trucking, Inc.
Fairfield Trucking, Inc.
Fanelli Brothers Trucking Co.
Farruggio’s Express
Farwest Freight Systems
FFE Trucking Services
Fical Transport Inc.
Fikes Truck Line
First America Trucking
FirstExpress, Inc.
Florilli Transportation LLC
Floyd Blinsky Trucking Inc.
FMI International, LLC
Food Express, Inc.
Forbes Transfer Company
Foreway Transportation, Inc.
Fort Transfer
Fortune Transportation
Forward Air, Inc.
Franchise Trucking
Frank C. Alegre Trucking, Inc.
Freebird, Inc.
Freerksen Trucking, Inc.
Freight All Kinds Inc.
Freightmasters, Inc.
Fremont Contract Carriers
Freymiller Inc.
Frito Lay, Inc.
Frock Bros. Trucking
Frontier Transport, Inc.
FST Logistics
FTC Transportation
FWCC, Incorporated
G.G. Barnett Transport, Inc.
Gaines Motor Lines, Inc.
Gainey Transportation Services
Galto Trucking & Brokerage, Inc.
Gamble Transport
Garlepied Transfer
Garlepied Transfer, Inc.
Garner Transportation Group, Inc.
Garner Trucking, Inc.
Garry Mercer Trucking Inc.
Garvey Transport
Gateway Transport
GDS Express, Inc.
Gemini Traffic Sales, Inc.
H & M Trucking Inc.
H & W Trucking
H. F. Campbell & Son, Inc.
H. O. Wolding, Inc.
H.O. Bouchard Transportation
Hall Bros. Transportation Co. Inc.
Hamm & Phillips Service Company
Hammell Transport Service Inc.
Hammer Express Inc.
Haney Truck Line
Hanson Trucking Inc.
Happy Trucking, Inc.
Harper Express, LLC
Harris Quality, Inc.
Harris Trucking Company
Hart Transportation Inc.
Hartley Trucking, Inc.
Hartt Transportation Systems, Inc
Hartwig Transit Inc.
Henderson Trucking Company
Hendrickson Trucking, Inc.
Henry Hersh Trucking, Inc.
Henry Trucking Co., Inc.
Hercules Transport Inc.
Heritage Dedicated Services, Inc.
Hess Trucking Company
Hicks Trucking Company
High Country Transportation Inc.
Highway Transport, Inc.
Hill Brothers Transportation
Hiner Transport
Hines Trucking, Inc.
Hitchcock Bros., Inc.
Hoekstra Transportation
Hoffman Transport, Inc.
Hogan Trucking Company
Holiday Express Corporation, Inc.
Holland Enterprises Inc.
Holland Special Delivery
Hollenbeck Enterprises
Home Run Inc.
Hoosier Tradewinds
Horseshoe Express, Inc.
Houff Transfer Inc.
Howell’s Motor Freight Inc.
Hunt Transportation
Hunter & Hunter Trucking
Hurryin’ Hoosier Transport
Hutchison Tranportation
Hutt Trucking Company
ICC Trucking, Inc.
Indian River Transport Co.
Innovative Transport Systems
Itz-Ohlson Transport Inc.
IWX Motor Freight
IXL Transportation Services
J&T Transportation
J-Line, Inc.
J-Mar Enterprises
J-Par Trucking
J. A. Trucking, Inc.
J. B. Hunt
J. Grady Randolph, Inc.
J. Supor & Son Trucking & Rigging Co., Inc.
J.E.S. Trucking & Brokerage
J.J. Maloney
J.L. Rothrock Inc.
J.P. Donmoyer, Inc.
J.R.B. Target, Inc.
JA Frate Transport Services
Jack B. Kelley, Inc.
Jacobson Transportation
James Gath Trucking Inc.
James R. Smith Trucking Co.
James Transport Inc.
K & B Transportation
K Limited
K&J Trucking, Inc.
K.L. Harring Transportation & Warehousing
Kag West
Kaiser Transport, Inc.
Kaplan Trucking Co.
Karl R. Johnson Trucking, Inc.
KARS Transport
Katana Inc.
Keen Transport, Inc.
Kennesaw Transportation, Inc.
Kephart Trucking Company
Keson Trucking Co., Inc.
Kenan Advantage Group
Klapec Trucking Company
KKW Trucking, Inc.
Knight Transportation
Koch Companies, Inc.
Kottke Trucking, Inc
L&G Express Inc.
Lakeville Motor Express
Land Air Express
Land Span
Land Span, Inc.
Land Transportation
Landair Transport, Inc.
Lane Freight
Lane Trucking
Larson Express
Laufer Trucking
Lawson Drayage
LCT Transportation Services
Lawrence Transportation Systems,Inc
Leoni Motor Express, Inc.
Liedtka Trucking, Inc.
Lion Trucking Inc.
Liquid Transport
Lisa Motor Lines, Inc.
Lisa Motor Lines, Inc.
Little John Foster Trucking
LTI Trucking Services, Inc.
Lubenow Express Co.
Lydall Transport
M T Of New York
M.C. Intl Transportation Inc.
Maddock Transportation, Inc.
Magnum Logistics, Inc.
Magnum LTD
Mak Logistics LLC
Malone Freightlines Inc.
Manna Distribution Services
Mansur Trucking Inc.
Manufactures Transport
Mapletree Transportation, Inc.
Marina Cartage Inc.
Marinetrans Logistics
Market Transport, Ltd.
Marth Transportation, Inc.
Mason Dixon Lines Inc.
Matuszko Trucking, Inc.
Maximus Trucking
McAfee Trucking Co. LLC
McElroy Truck Lines, Inc.
MFH Inc.
MGM Transport Corporation
Midwest Transport – Johnson
N&D Transportation Co Inc.
Nagle Companies
N&M Transfer Co.
Nancy Baer Trucking
NAPA Transportation, Inc.
National Carriers, Inc.
Nations Express
Nationwide Express
Navajo Express, Inc.
New Century Transportation
New England Motor Freight
New Rising Fenix, Inc.
New Rising Fenix, Inc.
New Waverly Transportation
Nu-Way Transportation
Nussbaum Trucking
O&S Trucking Inc.
O.L. Price Trucking, Inc.
Oakley Transport, Inc.
Ogletree Trucking Co.
Ohio Northern Transit Company
OIX Inc.
On Time Freight, Inc.
Online Transport
Online Transport, Inc.
Opies Transport, Inc.
Osborn Transportation, Inc.
Overbee Trans
Overnite Express, Inc.
Overnite Transportation, A UPS Company
Owens Recruiting Services
P.A.M. Transport, Inc.
P.E. Kramme, Inc.
P.E.P. Transportation
Pacella Trucking Express, Inc.
Pacer Transport
Pacesetter Trucking Co.
Pacific Motor Trucking, Co.
Packard Transport, Inc.
Palmentere Brothers Cartage
Pan Western Corporation
Panama Transfer
Panther Expedited Services, Inc.
Panther II Transportation, Inc.
Paradom International, Inc.
Parrett Trucking
Paschall Truck Lines
Path Truck Lines
Pegasus Transportation
PembertonTruck Lines, Inc.
Peninsula Trucking, Inc.
Penn Tank Lines, Inc.
Puget Sound Truck Lines, Inc.
Pyle Transport Services Group
Q Carriers
Quality Cartage
Quality Distribution
Quality Transportation
R & J Recruiting / US Xpress
R & S Recruiting
R J Langley, Inc.
R P C Recruiting
R+L Carriers
R. E. Garrison Trucking Company
Rabbit River Transport II, L.L.C
Raider Trucking, Inc.
Rail Delivery Services
Redline Services
Rees Lease, Inc.
Refrigerated Delivery Service
Regency Transportation, Inc.
Reimer Transport, Inc.
Reliable Transportation Specialists, Inc
Renold’s Transport Ltd.
Reynolds Emergency Express
S A Trans
S Line Transportation Inc.
S&S Trucking Inc.
Safeway Moving/United Van Lines
Severance Trucking Co Inc.
Seward Motor Freight, Inc.
Shaffer Trucking
Sharkey Transportation, Inc.
SharpTransport Inc.
Shaw Transport Inc.
Shelton Trucking Service Inc.
Sherman Brothers Trucking
Shippers Transport Company
Shoun Trucking Company, Inc.
Show Me Trucking
Silk Road Transport
Silver Streak Transportation, LLC
Sisbro, Inc
Sitton Motor Lines
Skinner Transfer Corporation
Skyline Recruiting
Spirit Express Trucking
Stack Container Service Inc.
Stan Koch & Sons Trucking
T & T Trucking, Inc.
T.E. Smith
Tandem Transport Corp.
Tango Transport Inc.
Tankstar U S A, Inc.
TanTara Transportation
Tax AirFreight, Inc.
Taylor Truck Line Inc.
TCW, Inc.
The Wallace Carrier Group
Thomas E. Keller Trucking Inc.
Thurel Mason Trucking, Inc.
Tighe Trucking, Inc.
Timberline Express Inc.
TMC Transportation
Tocci & Assoc., Inc.
Tom Joy & Son, Inc.
Total Logistic Control – TLC Trucking Company
Total Transportation of Mississippi
Trans-Continental Systems, Inc.
TransAm Trucking, Inc.
TransChem Services, Inc
Transco Lines, Inc.
U.S. Bulk Transport , Inc.
U.S. Express, Inc.
U.S. Xpress
Underwood Transfer Company
Underwood Transfer Company, LLC
United Logistic Service
United Natural Foods, Inc.
United Road
Universal Am-Can Ltd.
Universe Truck Lines
UP Special Delivery, Inc.
UPS Freight
US Express Inc.
US Trucking, Inc.
USA Truck, Inc.
USA Trucking Jobs
USF Transport
Usher Transport, Inc.
Utley Inc.
V T Freighters, LLC
V/S Midwest Carriers Corporation
Valley Cartage & Warehousing
Van Cam Freightway Ltd.
Vanguard Transportation Systems
Venezia Transport
Ventura Transfer Company
Venture Express, Inc.
Volk Transfer, Inc.
Volunteer Express
Voyager Express, Inc.
W R Trucking
W N Morehouse Truck Line, Inc.
W. Suncoast
W.Y.M Trucking
Walbon and Co Transportation Services
Waggoners Trucking
West Side Transport
Western Express, Inc.
Western Freightways LLC
Woodfield, Inc.
Xenia Logistics Solutions
XTL Transport Inc.
Xtrux Inc.
Yandell Truckaway, Inc.
Yarbrough Transfer Company
Yellow Transportation, Inc.
Yolo Transfer and Storage, Inc.
York Transportation
Your Transport Company, Inc
Zaczkowski Trucking Services, Inc.
Zaki Transport
Zavcor Trucking Limited,
Zeeland Farm Services, Inc.
Zeeland Freight Services
Zilly Transportation Services, LLC
Zip Express Courier Service
Zuvyx Transport

INOK Freight

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  1. i just had a short course in Trucking as a business. being new in this business i love it and am passionate about it to deliver goods and services to people. please help me how to get finance for a 6×4 good second hand truck . also how to get contract with reputable established big companies. ( 0782520951 ) .