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March 1st, 2021
List of State Trees

Each of the 50 american states designates an official tree to represent it, as well as an official state flower. All of them except the Hawaiian tree are native to the state they represent. Here’s the list.

List of State trees
Alabama Longleafpine
Alaska Sitka Spruce
Arizona Palo Verde
Arkansas Pine Tree
California California Redwood
Colorado Colorado Blue Spruce
Connecticut White Oak
Delware American Holly
Florida Sabal Palm
Georgia Live Oak
Hawaii Kukui
Idaho Western White Pine
Illinois White Oak
Indiana Tulip Poplar
Iowa Oak
Kansas Cootonwood
Kentucky Tulip Poplar
Louisiana Bald Cypress
Maine Eastern White Pine
Maryland White Oak
Massachusetts American Elm
Michigan Eastern White Pine
Minnesota Red Pine
Mississippi Magnolia
Missouri Flowering Dogwood
Montana Ponderosa Pine
Nebraska Cottonwood
Nevada SIngleleaf Pinyon
New Hampshire White Birch
New Jersey Northern Red OakDogwood
New Mexio Pinyon
New York Sugar Maple
North Carolina Pine Fraser Fir
North Dakota American Elm
Ohio Buckeye
Oklahoma Redbud
Oregon Douglas Fir
Pennsylvania Eastern Hemlock
Rhode Island Red Maple
South Carolina Sabal Palmetto
South Dakota Black Hills Spruce
Tennessee Tulip Poplar
Texas Pecan
Utah Blue Spruce
Vermont Sugar Maple
Virginia Flowering Dogwood
Washington Western Hemlock
West Virginia Sugar Maple
Wisconsin Sugar Maple
Wyoming Cottonwood
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