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June 7th, 2021
List of State Birds

One of the symbols by which states in the US designate themselves are birds. This list names birds and which state they are selected to represent.

List of State Birds
Alabama Yellowhammer
Alaska Willow Ptarmigan
Arizona Cactus Wren
California California Quail
Colorado Lark Bunting
Connecticut American Robin
Delware Blue Hen Chicken
District of Columbia Wood Thrush
Florida Mockingbird
Georgia Brown Thrasher
Hawaii Nene
Idaho Mountain Bluebird
Illinois Cardinal
Indiana Cardinal
Iowa American Goldfinch
Kansas Western Meadowlark
Kentucky Cardinal
Louisiana Brown Pelican
Maine Black-caped Chickadee
Maryland Baltimore Oriole
Massachusetts Black-caped Chickadee
Michigan American Robin
Minnesota Common Loon
Mississippi Mockingbird
Missouri Eastern Bluebird
Montana Western Meadowlark
Nebraska Western Meadowlark
Nevada Mountain Bluebird
New Hampshire Purple Finch
New Jersey American Goldfinch
New Mexio Roadrunner
New York Eastern Bluebird
North Carolina Cardinal
North Dakota Western Meadowlark
Ohio Cardinal
Oklahoma Sissor-tailed Flycatcher
Oregon Western Meadowlark
Pennsylvania Ruffed Grouse
Rhode Island Rhode Island Red
South Carolina Carolina Wren
South Dakota Ring-necked Pheasant
Tennessee Mockingbird
Texas Mockingbird
Utah California Gull
Vermont Hermit Thrush
Virginia Cardinal
Washington American Goldfinch
West Virginia Cardinal
Wisconsin American Robin
Wyoming Western Meadowlark
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