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September 15th, 2019
List of Philippine Epics

Filipinos had a long history of literacy and literally art dating to well before Spanish colonists conquered the islands. This is a list of epics produced during that time.

List of Philippine Epics Region of Origin
Biag ni Lam-Ang Ilocos
Darangen Lake Lanao
Hinilawod Sulod (Central Panay)
Ibong Adarna
Ullalim Kalinga province (Luzon region)
Darangan Lanao region
Ibalon Bicol region
Tuwaang Bagobo
The Hud-Hud Ifugao province (Luzon region)
The Maragtas Iloilo (Western Visayas region)
The Sud-ansud of the Tagbanuas Palawan (Mimaropa region)
The Dagoy Palawan (Mimaropa region)
The Ulagingen of the Manobos Mindanao island
Selch of the Manobos Mindanao island
The Panglima Munggona Sulu province
Jikiri of the Talusugs Sulu province
The kalinga Banna Bidian of the Ibaloys labaw Denggen Kalinga province
Bagyu of Bukidnon Bukidnon province
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3 thoughts on “List of Philippine Epics

  1. its really of great help to us students.however you should place the place of origin of those epics. thank you.