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People with diabetes have to pay special attention to how food they eat might affect their blood sugar levels, albeit this isn’t a bad habit for anyone to have. This list contains foods that should be safe for a diabetic to eat, but it doesn’t constitute professional medical advice. When in doubt contact your doctor.

List of Foods for Diabetic to Eat
Grilled Turkey Tenderloin
Smakeroon Cookies
Chocolate cake
Pineapple coleslaw
Pumpkin Bread
Swiss Steak
Beef Stew
Meat Loaf
Baked Fish Fillets
Vegetable Soup
Spiced Pot Roast
Low-Calories Brownies
Thousand Island Dressing
Deviled Eggs
Macaroni and Cheese
Cornbread Dressing
Creamed Potato Soup
Sugar-free Cranberry Relish
Chocolate Chips Cookies
Black Bottom Pie
Chicken Breasts with Carrot and Zucchini Stuffing
Sugarless Cake
Diabetic Orange Sunbeams
Almond Biscuit Ring
Banana Split Pie
Brownie Torte
Fudge Sweet Brownies
Frozen Apricot Mousse
Golden Carrot Pie
Apple Sauce Cake
Easy Chocolate Graham Torte
Apricot Pineapple Cake
Diabetic Peanut Apple Cake
Diabetic Fudge
Pineapple Sherbet
Diabetic Apple Pie
Diabetic Pumpkin Pin
Diabetic Egg Nog
Diabetic Jelly
Diabetic Cookies
Diabetic Fruit Cookies
Diabetic Nut Loaf
Banana Nut Squares for Diabetics
Diabetic Barbecue Sauce
Mission Carb Balance Tortillas
Pepperidge Farm Carb Style
Pepperidge Farm Carb Style 7 Grain Bread
Pepperidge Farm Deli Swirl Bread
Pillsbury Crescent Rolls Original
Pillsbury Crescent Rolls Original
Sara Lee Soft & Smooth 100% Whole Wheat Bread
Jolly Rancher Sugar Free Hard Candy
Nips Coffee Hard Candy Sugar Free
Wonka Bottle Caps
Wonka Everlasting Gobstopper
Wonka Nerds Rainbow
Wonka Tart N Tinys
Wonka Shockers
Asparagus Spears
Baby Carrots
Julienne Beets
Julienne Carrots
Leaf Spinach
Chicken of the Sea Chunk Tuna in Water
Chicken of Sea Chunk Tuna in Water 50% less sodium
Chicken of the Sea Chunk Tuna in oil
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