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December 13th, 2021
List of Daily Deal Sites

The internet made the use of daily deal sites popular worldwide. Daily deal sites reduce the need for shoppers to search for coupons in magazines. Since almost every e-commerce site offers deals on their websites, it is possible for daily deal sites to track and collect deals from all over the world in one place.

It is difficult to identify where the daily deal site trend was initiated but there are many speculations that the initiator was Woot in 2004. Woot offers its members a specific  amount of a single product at a discounted price for the entire day, hence the daily deal. Since the speculated initiation by Woot, there have been many sites that have cloned the concept of the business. Currently there are over a 100 daily deal sites that offer a product to a specific niche market every day.

Local deal Sites

There are also local deal sites that offer deals to customers from local businesses for a limited time. These sites, unlike daily deal sites, cater to customers who take part in local merchandizing; they even offer gift certificates and cards that can only be used by local merchants for services such as spas and bars, instead of a single product.

List of 50 Daily Deals Sites

  2. Groupon
  3. LivingSocial
  4. Shirt Woot
  5. Wine Woot
  6. Kids Woot
  7. Woot
  8. Gilt
  9. EverSave
  10. HauteLook
  11. Ideeli
  12. BuyWithMe
  13. MyDailyThread
  14. Mamapedia
  15. Thrillist
  16. Yipit
  17. DailyCandy
  18. Bloomspot
  19. Tanga
  20. WhiskeyMilitia
  21. 8Coupons
  22. Zozi
  23. Wahanda
  24. DODTracker
  25. HalfOffDepot
  26. AHALife
  27. DealRadar
  28. CrowdSavings
  29. DoodleDeals
  30. ThingFling
  31. TripAlertz
  32. SocialBuy
  33. TheDailySave
  34. Twongo
  35. Dillyeo
  36. TheGreenHalf
  37. NimbleBuy
  38. KGB Deals
  39. Dealster
  40. GoToGroupBuy
  41. InBundles
  42. FlyCoupon
  43. GetSugar
  44. Giggo
  45. Kupoz

The daily deal sites listed above offer a wide variety of deals to their customers each day. Deals include apparel for the entire family, household utensils, furniture, computer parts, pet care and fragrances, to name a few. Websites like are able to provide the customers with deals of up 90% discount on products. Most of these sites are able to generate a list of deals available each day, worldwide. This saves members time from visiting multiple sites, which is seen as a very fast and effective medium for deal tracking.

Tips for Using Daily Deal Sites

  • Choose daily deal sites that are deemed reputable.
  • Read the terms and conditions of the site and ensure that you are satisfied with it before making any transaction. If there are any doubts, most of these sites provide customer reviews so read the reviews and make sure you are satisfied with the comments.
  • Learn how the daily deals work; ensure that you have an understanding of the terms of each of the purchases you make from a daily deal site.
  • Always track your deals; this will help to ensure that you are aware of what is taking place with your purchase.
  • Collect information about the dealer and the amount of sales they make per day, this will give some idea of the kind of service to expect.
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