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November 27th, 2022
Endangered Species List

Whether due to human hunting or natural forces there is a number of animal species who are in danger of extinction. Those who value them might want to contribute to protecting them from extinction. Here’s the list of endangered species.

Endangered Species List


Name Home Range
Lowland Anoa Indonesia
Mountain Anoa Indonesia
Giant Sable Antelope Angus
Argali Eurasia
Pink Fairy Armadillo Argentina
African Wild Ass Somalia, Sudan, Ethiopia
Asian Wild Ass (Onager) Southwestern and Central Asia
Avahi (Woolly lemur) Malagasy Republic
Aye-aye Malagasy Republic
Babirusa Indonesia
Gelada Ethiopia
Western Barred Australia
Desert Bandicoot Australia
Lesser Rabbit Bandicoot (Lesser Bilby) Australia
Pig-footed Bandicoot Australia
Rabbit Bandicoot (Bilby) Australia
Banteng Southeast Asia
Bulmer’s fruit bat (flying fox) Papua New Guinea
Bumblebee Bat Thailand
Gray Bat Central and southeastern U.S.
Hawaiian Hoary Bat U.S. (HI)
Indiana bat Eastern and Midwestern U.S.
Lesser Long-nosed Bat (AZ, NM), Mexico, Central America
(AZ, NM), Mexico, Central America Western Pacific Ocean
Mariana Fruit Bat (Mariana flying fox) Western Pacific Ocean, U.S. (GU, MP)
Ozark Big-eared Bat U.S. (MO, OK, AR)
Rodrigues Fruit Bat (Flying Fox) , Rodrigues Island
Singapore Roundleaf Horseshoe Bat Malaysia
Virginia Big-eared Bat U.S.
American Black Bear North America
Baluchistan Bear Iran, Pakistan
Brown Bear Palearctic
Blue Bear China (Tibet)
Mexican Grizzly Bear Holarctic
Beaver Mongolia
Wood Bison Canada, northwestern U.S.A
Mexican Bobcat Central Mexico
Bontebok South Africa
Bactrian Camel Mongolia, China
Woodland Caribou (Reindeer) U.S. (AK, ID, ME, MI, MN, MT, NH, VT, WA, WI), Canada
Andean Mountain Cat Chile, Peru, Bolivia, Argentina
Asian Golden Cat (Temmnick’s) Nepal, China, Southeast Asia, Indonesia (Sumatra)
Black-footed Cat Southern Africa
Flat-headed Cat Malaysia, Indonesia
Iriomote Cat Japan (Iriomote Island, Ryukyu Islands)
Leopard Cat India, Southeast Asia
Marbled Cat Nepal, Southeast Asia, Indonesia
Pakistan Sand Cat Pakistan
Oncilla Costa Rica to northern Argentina
Apennine Chamois Italy
Cheetah Africa to India
Common Chimpanzee Africa
Bonobo Zaire
Chinchilla Bolivia
Malabar Large-spotted Civet India
South China sika deer Mexico
Swamp deer Tajikistan, Uzbekistan
Visayan deer Morocco, Tunisia, Algeria
Yarkand deer Philippines
Dhole Mexico (Cedros Island)
Dibbler U.S. (WA, OR)
African wild dog Corsica, Sardinia
Chinese River dolphin India to Southeast Asia
Indus River dolphin Taiwan
Drill Thailand, Indochina
Dugong U.S. (Florida)
Jentink’s duiker Indonesia
Western giant eland Argentina, Uruguay, Paraguay, Bolivia, Brazil
African elephant China (Sinkiang, Tibet)
Asian elephant Central and eastern Asia
Black-footed ferret China (Shantung and Chihli Provinces)
Northern swift fox Brazil, Argentina, Uruguay, Bolivia, Paraguay
San Joaquin kit fox Iraq, Iran
San Miguel Island fox Japan (Ryukyu Islands)
Santa Catalina Island fox China (Shansi Province)
Santa Cruz Island fox Southern China
Dwarf Hutia India, Nepal
Large-eared Hutia Philippines
Little earth hutia China (Sinkiang)
Barbary hyena C.I.S., Korea, China, India, Southeast Asia
Brown hyena Australia
Pyrenean ibex Sub-Saharan Africa
Walia Ibex China
Black-faced impala Pakistan (Indus River and tributaries)
Indri Equatorial West Africa
Jaguar East Africa
Guatemalan jaguarundi Sierra Leone, Liberia
Gulf Coast Jaguarundi Senegal
Panamanian Jaguarundi Africa
Sinaloan Jaguarundi South-central and southeastern Asia
Fresno Kangaroo Rat Western U.S., western Canada
Giant kangaroo rat U.S.
Morro Bay kangaroo rat U.S. (CA)
San Bernardino Merriam’s U.S. (CA)
Stephens’ kangaroo rat U.S. (CA)
Tipton kangaroo rat U.S. (CA)
Tasmanian forester kangaroo U.S. (CA)
Koala Ethiopia


Hawaii Akepa (honeycreeper) U.S.
Maui Akepa (honeycreeper) U.S.
Kauai Akialoa (honeycreeper) U.S.
Akiapola`au (honeycreeper) U.S.
Amsterdam Albatross Indian Ocean
Short-tailed Albatross Short-tailed Albatross
Thyolo Alethe Malawi, Mozambique
Yellow-shouldered Blackbird U.S.
Masked Bobwhite (quail) U.S. (AZ), Mexico
Abbott’s Booby Indian Ocean
Western Bristlebird Australia
Western Rufous Bristlebird Australia
Mauritius Olivaceous Bulbul Indian Ocean – Mauritius
Sao Miguel Bullfinch Eastern Atlantic Ocean – Azores
Ulugura Bush-shrike Tanzania
New Zealand Bushwren New Zealand
Great Indian Bustard India, Pakistan
Cahow North Atlantic Ocean – Bermuda
Audubon’s Crested Caracara U.S. (AZ, Florida, LA
Andean Condor Colombia
California Condor U.S. (AZ, CA, OR)
Hawaiian Coot U.S.
Banded Cotinga Brazil
White-winged Cotinga Brazil
Black-necked Crane China (Tibet)
Cuba Sandhill Crane West Indies – Cuba
Hooded Crane Japan, Russia
Japanese Crane China, Japan, Korea
Mississippi Sandhill Crane U.S. (MS)
Siberian White Crane C.I.S. (Siberia)
White-naped Crane Mongolia
Whooping Crane Canada, U.S.
Hawaii Creeper U.S. (HI)
Molokai Creeper U.S.
Oahu Creeper U.S.
Hawaiian Crow U.S.
Mariana Crow Western Pacific Ocean
White-necked Crow U.S.
Mauritius Cuckoo-shrike Indian Ocean – Mauritius
Reunion Cuckoo-shrike Indian Ocean
Razor-billed Curassow Brazil (Eastern)
Red-billed Curassow Brazil
Trinidad White-headed Curassow West Indies – Trinidad
Eskimo Curlew Alaska
Dove, cloven-feathered Southwest Pacific Ocean – New Caledonia
Dove, Grenada gray-fronted West Indies
Hawaiian Duck U.S. (HI)
Laysan Duck U.S. (HI)
Pink-headed Duck India
White-winged Wood Duck India, Malaysia
Bald eagle North America
Greenland white-tailed eagle Greenland and adjacent Atlantic islands
Harpy eagle Mexico south to Argentina
Madagascar sea eagle Madagascar
Madagascar Serpent Eagle Madagascar
Philippine eagle Philippines
Spanish Imperial Eagle Spain, Morocco
Chinese egret China, Korea
Spectacled eider U.S. (AK)
Steller’s eider U.S. (AK), Russia
Oahu elepaio U.S. (HI)
Eurasian peregrine falcon Europe, Eurasia
Northern aplomado falcon U.S.
Laysan finch (honeycreeper) U.S.
Nihoa Finch (honeycreeper) U.S.
Euler’s flycatcher West Indies
Seychelles paradise flycatcher Indian Ocean
Southwestern willow flycatcher U.S. (AZ, CA, CO)
Tahiti flycatcher South Pacific Ocean – Tahiti
Mauritius fody Indian Ocean – Mauritius
Rodrigues fody Indian Ocean – Rodrigues Island
Seychelles Fody (weaver-finch) Indian Ocean – Seychelles
Djibouti Francolin Djibouti
Freira Atlantic Ocean
Andrew’s frigatebird East Indian Ocean
Coastal California gnatcatcher U.S. (CA), Mexico
Hawaiian goose U.S. (HI)
Christmas Island goshawk Indian Ocean – Christmas Island
Slender-billed grackle Mexico
Eyrean Grasswren (flycatcher) Australia
Alaotra grebe Madagascar
Nordmann’s Greenshank Russia, Japan
Horned guan Guatemala, Mexico
White-winged Guan Peru
White-breasted Guineafowl West Africa
Audouin’s gull Mediterranean Sea
Relict gull India, China
Galapagos hawk Ecuador
Hawaiian hawk (‘lo) U.S. (HI)
Puerto Rican broad-winged hawk U.S. (PR)
Puerto Rican sharp-shinned hawk U.S. (PR)
Hook-billed Hermit (hummingbird) Brazil
Crested honeycreeper U.S. (HI)
Helmeted Honeyeater Australia
Helmeted Hornbill Thailand, Malaysia
Japanese Crested Ibis China, Japan
Northern Bald Ibis Southern Europe
Florida Scrub-Jay U.S. (Florida)
Kagu South Pacific Ocean – New Caledonia
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