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August 9th, 2022
Bankruptcy List

This is a list of some of the world’s biggest companies which have been declared bankrupt. It includes some famous names like the Foxtons Inc. and Lehmann Brothers, which caused a huge turmoil when it went bankrupt in 2008. Lehmann Brothers “going under” along with other economic setbacks triggered a series of events which culminated in the economic recession we see today. Others which have suffered similar fates may have gone off without causing as much of a flurry, but they too have caused small little setbacks in their own ways.

Bankruptcy List
1st Centennial Bancorp
A. H. Robins, Incorporated
aaiPharma Inc.
Abitibibowater Inc.
Acceptance Insurance Companies Inc.
Acme Metals, Incorporated
ACT Manufacturing, Inc.
Acterna Corp.
Adelphia Business Solutions, Inc.
Adelphia Communications Corp.
Advanced GlassFiber Yarns LLC
Advanced Radio Telecom Corp.
AgriBioTech, Inc., NV
Agway Inc.
Air Florida System Inc.
Al Copeland Enterprises, Inc.
Aleris International, Inc.
Alexanders Inc.
Allegheny International, Inc.
Allegiance Telecom Inc.
Alliance Entertainment Corp.
Allied Holdings, Inc.
Allied Products Corp.
Allied Stores Corporation / Federated Department Stores, Inc.
Allis-Chalmers Corp.
Alterra HealthCare Corp
AM International, Inc. (1982)
AM International, Inc. (1993)
Amarex Inc.
Amcast Industrial Corporation (2004)
Amcast Industrial Corporation (2005)
Amdura Corp.
America West Airlines Inc.
American Banknote Corporation
American Business Financial Services, Inc.
American Carriers Inc.
American Classic Voyages Co.
American Commercial Lines LLC
American Continental Corporation
American Eco Corp.
American Healthcare Management, Inc.
American Home Mortgage Investment Corp.
American Homestar Corp.
American Pad & Paper Company
American Plumbing & Mechanical Inc.
American Rice, Inc.
American Tissue, Inc.
Americold Corp.
Ameriserve Food Distribution, Inc.
AmeriTruck Distribution Corp.
Ames Department Stores, Inc. (1990)
Ames Department Stores, Inc. (2001)
AMF Bowling, Inc.
Amwest Insurance Group Inc.
Anacomp, Inc.
ANC Rental Corp
Anchor Glass Container Corp. (1996)
Anchor Glass Container Corp. (2002)
Anchor Glass Container Corporation (2005)
Angeles Corp.
Anglo Energy, Limited. (1983)
Anicom, Inc.
AP Industries, Inc.
Apex Silver Mines Limited
Appletree Markets Inc. / Texas Supermarkets, Inc.
Applied Extrusion Technologies, Inc.
Applied Magnetics Corporation
APS Holding Corp.
APW Ltd.
Arch Wireless Inc.
Arm Financial Group, Inc.
Armstrong World Industries, Inc.
Asia Global Crossing, Ltd.
Assisted Living Concepts, Inc.
Asyst Technologies, Inc.
At Home Corp
AT&T Latin America Corp.
ATA Holdings Corp.
Atchison Casting Corp.
Atlantic Express Transportation Corp.
Atlas Air Worldwide Holdings Inc.
Audio Visual Services Corp.
Aurora Foods Inc.
Avado Brands Inc.
Aventine Renewable Energy Holdings, Inc.
Baldwin Builders / Baldwin Building Contractors, L.P.
Baldwin-United Corporation
Bally Total Fitness Holding Corporation (2007)
Bally Total Fitness Holding Corporation (2008)
Basix Corp.
Bay Financial Corporation
B-E Holdings Inc./Bucyrus-Erie Company
BearingPoint, Inc.
Beker Industries Corp.
Best Products Company, Inc. (1991)
Best Products Company, Inc. (1996)
Bethlehem Steel Corp
Bibb Co
Bicoastal Corporation
Big V Supermarkets, Inc.
Birmingham Steel Corp.
BMC Industries Inc.
Bonneville Pacific Corporation
Borden Chemicals and Plastics Operating LP
Boston Chicken, Inc.
Bradlees Inc. (2000)
Bradlees, Inc. (1995)
Braniff Inc. (1989)
Braniff International Corp. (1982)
Breed Technologies, Inc.
Brooke Corporation
Brunos Inc.
BSD Bancorp
Budget Group Inc.
Buffets Holdings, Inc.
Builders Transport Inc.
Burlington Industries, Inc.
Bush Industries Inc.
Buttes Gas & Oil Co.
CAI Wireless Systems, Inc.
Caldor Corporation
Calpine Corp.
Calton Inc.
Cambridge Industries, Inc. of DE
Capital Corp of the West
Caraustar Industries, Inc.
Carbide Graphite Group Inc.
Cardis Corp.
Care Enterprises Inc.
CareMatrix Corp.
Carmike Cinemas, Inc.
Carolco Pictures, Inc.
Carter Hawley Hale Stores Inc.
Casual Male Corp.
CellNet Data Systems, Inc.
Centennial Group Inc. California
Cenvill Development Corp.
CF & I Steel Corp.
Chart Industries Inc.
Charter Communications, Inc
Charter Company
Charter Medical Corp.
Chemtura Corporation
Cherokee Inc. (1993)
Chesapeake Corporation
Child World Inc.
Chiquita Brands International, Inc.
Choice One Communications, Inc.
CHS Electronics, Inc.
Circle K Corp.
Circuit City Stores, Inc.
Cityscape Financial Corp.
Clarent Corp.
Clark Material Handling Company
Classic Communications, Inc.
Coho Energy, Inc. (1999)
Coho Energy, Inc. (2002)
Coleco Industries Inc.
Collins & Aikman
Color Tile, Inc.
Colorado-Ute Electric Association, Inc.
Columbia Gas System Inc.
Combustion Equipment Associates, Inc.
Comdisco, Inc.
Commonwealth Equity Trust
Complete Management, Inc.
Cone Mills Corp
Conseco, Inc.
Consolidated Freightways Corp.
Consolidated Hydro, Inc.
Constar International Inc.
ContiFinancial Corp.
Continental Airlines (1983)
Continental Airlines (1990)
Continental Information Systems Corp.
Convergent Communications, Inc.
Cook United Inc. (1984)
Coram Healthcare Corp.
Cornerstone Propane Partners, L.P.
Costilla Energy, Inc.
County Seat, Inc.
Covad Communications
Covanta Energy Corp.
Creditrust Corporation
Criimi Mae Inc.
Crown Pacific Partners L.P.
Crown Vantage Inc.
Crystal Brands, Inc.
Crystal Oil Co.
CTC Communications Group, Inc.
Dailey International Inc.
Daisy Systems Corp.
DaisyTek International Corp.
Dan River Inc.
Dana Corporation
Days Inns of America Inc.
Dayton Superior Corporation
DDI Corp.
De Laurentiis Entertainment Group Inc.
DecisionOne Holdings Corp.
Delphi Corporation
Delta Air Lines, Inc.
Delta Financial Corporation
Derby Cycle Corp
Divi Hotels, N.V.
divine, inc.
Doskocil Cos Inc.
Dow Corning Corporation
Downey Financial Corp.
DR Holdings of Delaware, Inc./Prime Computer Inc.
Dreco Energy Services Ltd.
Drug Emporium, Inc.
Drypers Corp.
DTI Holdings, Inc. / Digital Teleport
Dura Automotive Systems, Inc.
DVI Inc.
Dyersburg Corp.
e.spire Communications, Inc.
Eagle Food Centers, Inc.
Eagle Geophysical, Inc.
Eagle Picher Holdings, Inc. (2005)
Eagle-Picher Industries Inc.
Eastern Airlines Inc.
Edgell Communications Inc. / New Century Communications Inc.
Edison Brothers Stores, Inc. (1995)
Edison Brothers Stores, Inc. (1999)
Edisto Resources Corp.
Einstein Noah Bagel Corp
El Paso Electric Co.
El Paso Refinery LP
Emerson Radio Corp.
Encompass Services Corporation
Energy Partners, Ltd.
Enron Corp.
Enstar Group Inc.
Entergy New Orleans, Inc.
Envirodyne Industries Inc.
EOTT Energy Partners, L.P.
Erly Industries Inc.
Ernst Home Center, Inc.
eToys, Inc.
EUA Power Corp.
Evans Products Co.
Everex Systems, Inc.
Exide Technologies
Exodus Communications, Inc.
F & M Distributors Inc.
Fairchild Corporation (The)
Fairfield Communities Inc.
Falcon Products
Family Golf Centers, Inc.
Farm Fresh, Inc.
Farmland Industries, Inc.
Federal-Mogul Corporation
Fibermark Inc.
Financial Corp. of Santa Barbara
Fine Air Services Corp.
Fine Host Corporation
Finova Group, Inc.
First Capital Holdings Corp.
First City Bancorporation of Texas, Inc.
First Executive Corp.
First Merchants Acceptance Corporation
First RepublicBank Corp
Firstcorp, Inc.
FLAG Telecom Holdings, Ltd
Flagstar Companies, Inc.
Fleetwood Enterprises, Inc.
Fleming Companies, Inc.
Flooring America, Inc.
FLYi, Inc.
Foamex International, Inc.
Foamex International, Inc. (2009)
Focal Communications Corporation
Footstar Inc.
Forcenergy Inc
Formica Corp.
Forstmann & Company, Inc.
Forum Group Inc.
Fountain View Inc.
FoxMeyer Health Corp.
FPA Medical Management, Inc.
Franklin Bank Corp.
Fremont General Corporation
Fretter, Inc. / Dixons US (1995)
Friede Goldman Halter
Friedman’s Inc.
Frontier Airlines Holdings, Inc. (2008)
Frontier Holdings Inc.
Frontline Capital Group
Fruit of the Loom, Inc.
FSC Corporation
G. Heileman Brewing Co., Inc.
Galey & Lord, Inc.
Galey & Lord, Inc. (2004)
Gaylord Container Corp
GC Companies, Inc.
General Development Corp.
General Growth Properties, Inc.
General Homes Corp. Texas
General Motors Corporation
Genesis Health Ventures, Inc.
Geneva Steel Company
Geneva Steel Holdings Corp. (2002)
Genicom Corporation
GenTek, Inc.
Genuity Inc.
Geo Specialty Chemicals Inc.
Geotek Communications, Inc.
Gilbert Robinson Inc.
Glenoit Corp.
Global Crossing Ltd.
Global Marine Inc.
Global Power Equipment Group Inc.
Global TeleSystems, Inc.
Globalstar LP
Globix Corp.
Golden Books Family Entertainment, Inc.
Goss Graphic Systems, Inc. (1999)
Goss Holdings, Inc. (2001)
Gottschalks Inc.
Graham-Field Health Products, Inc.
Grand Court Lifestyles, Inc.
Grand Union Company (1995)
Grand Union Company (1998)
Grand Union Company (2000)
Granite Broadcasting Corporation
Great American Communications Co.
Greyhound Lines, Inc.
Grove Worldwide, LLC
GST Telecommunications, Inc.
Guilford Mills, Inc.
Gulf States Steel, Inc. of Alabama
Gulf USA Corp.
Guy F. Atkinson Company of California
Hadson Corp.
Ha-Lo Industries
Hancock Fabrics, Inc.
Harnischfeger Industries, Inc.
Harrahs Jazz Co.
Hartmarx Corporation
Harvard Industries, Inc. (1991)
Harvard Industries, Inc. (1997)
Harvard Industries, Inc. (2002)
Hawaiian Airlines Inc.
Hawaiian Telcom Communications, Inc.
Hayes Lemmerz International, Inc.
Hayes Lemmerz International, Inc.
Healthco International Inc.
Heartland Wireless Communications, Inc.
Hechinger Company
Hecks Inc.
Hedstrom Holdings, Inc.
Heilig-Meyers Company
Herbst Gaming, Inc.
Hexcel Corp.
High Voltage Engineering Corporation (2004)
High Voltage Engineering Corporation (2005)
Highland Superstores, Inc.
Highlands Insurance Group, Inc.
Hills Department Stores Inc.
Hillsborough Holdings Corp.
Hines Horticulture, Inc.
Holt Group, Inc., The / Murphy Marine Services
Home Holdings, Inc.
HomeBanc Corp.
Horizon PCS Inc.
House of Fabrics, Inc.
HRT Industries Inc.
Huffy Corp.
Hunt International Resources Corp.
Huntsman Polymers Corp
Hvide Marine Incorporated
ICG Communications, Inc.
ICH Corporation
Idearc Inc.
Impath Inc.
Imperial Home Decor Group Inc.
Imperial Sugar Company
IMPSAT Fiber Networks, Inc.
Inacom Corp.
Indalex Holdings Finance, Inc.
IndyMac Bancorp, Inc
InPhonic, Inc.
InSight Health Services Holdings Corp
Insilco Corp.
Integrated Electrical Services, Inc.
Integrated Health Services, Inc.
Integrated Resources Inc.
Integrity Bancshares, Inc.
Interco Inc.
Intermark Inc.
Intermet Corp.
International American Homes Inc.
International Fibercom, Inc.
International Wire Group Inc.
Interstate Bakeries Corporation
ION Media Networks, Inc.
iPCS, Inc.
Iridium LLC (and six subsidiaries)
IT Group, Inc. (The )
ITC DeltaCom, Inc.
Itel Corporation
Ithaca Industries, Inc.
IWO Holdings, Inc.
Jacobson Stores, Inc.
Jamesway Corporation (1993)
Jayhawk Acceptance Corp.
JCC Holding Co.
Jesup Group Inc., The
Journal Register Company
JPS Textile Group Inc. (1991)
JPS Textile Group, Inc. (1997)
JumboSports, Inc.
Just For Feet, Inc.
JWP Inc.
Kaiser Aluminum Corp.
Kaiser Group International, Inc.
Kaiser Steel Corp.
Kash N Karry Food Stores, Inc.
Kasper A.S.L., Ltd.
KCS Energy, Inc.
KDT Industries Inc.
Kellstrom Industries, Inc.
Kenetech Corp.
Kevco, Inc.
Key Plastics L.L.C.
Kimball Hill, Inc.
Kinder Care Learning Centers Inc.
Kitty Hawk, Inc.
Kmart Corp.
Koger Properties Inc.
Koll Real Estate Group, Inc.
Komag, Inc.
Laclede Steel
Ladish Co. Inc.
LandAmerica Financial Group, Inc.
Laroche Industries Inc.
Lason, Inc.
Leap Wireless International Inc.
Leasing Solutions, Inc.
Lehman Brothers Holdings Inc.
Leiner Health Products, Inc. (2002)
Leiner Health Products, Inc. (2008)
Leisure Technology Inc.
Lenox Group, Inc.
Lernout & Hauspie Speech Products NV
Leslie Fay Companies, Inc.
Levitz Furniture Incorporated
Liberate Technologies
Linens n Things, Inc.
Lionel Corp. (1982)
Lionel Corp. (1991)
Live Entertainment Inc.
Lodgian, Inc.
Loewen Group, Inc., The
Loews Cineplex Entertainment Corp
Logix Communications Enterprises Inc.
Lomas Financial Corp. (1989)
Lomas Financial Corp. (1995)
Lone Star Industries Inc.
Loral Space & Communications Ltd.
LTV Corp. (1986)
LTV Corp. (2000)
Luminent Mortgage Capital, Inc.
Lyondell Chemical Company
Magellan Health Services Inc.
Magna Entertainment Corp.
Manville Corp.
marchFIRST, Inc.
Mariner Post-Acute Network, Inc.
Marion Corp.
Marvel Entertainment Group, Inc.
Maxicare Health Plans Inc.
Mayflower Group Inc.
McCrory Corp.
McLean Industries Inc.
McLeodUSA Incorporated (2005)
McLeodUSA, Inc. (2002)
McLouth Steel Corp.
Medical Resources, Inc.
Mediq, Inc.
Megafoods Stores, Inc.
Memorex Telex Corp. / Memorex Telex N.V. (1992)
Memorex Telex Corp. / Memorex Telex N.V. (1994)
Mercury Finance Company
Merisant Worldwide, Inc.
Merry-Go-Round Enterprises Inc.
Meruelo Maddux Properties, Inc.
Metals USA, Inc.
Metricom, Inc.
Metromedia Fiber Network, Inc.
Metropolitan Mortgage & Securities Co., Inc.
MGF Oil Corp.
Michigan General Corporation (1987)
MicroAge, Inc.
Mid-American Waste Systems, Inc.
Midway Airlines Corp (2001)
Midway Airlines Inc.
Milacron Inc.
MiniScribe Corp.
Mirant Corp.
Mississippi Chemical Corp.
MMR Holding Corp.
Mobile Energy Services Company, L.L.C. / Mobile Energy Services Holdings, Inc.
MobileMedia Communications, Inc.
Molten Metal Technology, Inc.
Monaco Coach Corporation
Monarch Capital Corp.
Montgomery Ward Holding Corp. (1997)
Morris Material Handling Inc.
Morrison Knudsen Corp.
Mortgage & Realty Trust (1990)
Mortgage & Realty Trust (1995)
Movie Gallery, Inc.
MPC Corporation
Mpower Holding Corp.
MTS Inc (Tower Records, Inc.)
Muzak Holdings LLC
NACO Finance Corp.
National Convenience Stores Inc.
National Energy Group, Inc.
National Equipment Services Inc
National Gypsum Co.
National Steel Corp.
NationsRent, Inc.
Neenah Foundry Company
NetBank, Inc.
Network Plus Corp.
New American Healthcare Corp.
New Century Financial Corporation
New Valley Corp.
New World Pasta Co.
NewPower Holdings, Inc.
Noble International, Ltd.
NorthPoint Communications Group, Inc.
Northwest Airlines Corporation
Northwestern Corp.
Northwestern Steel & Wire Co.
NRG Energy, Inc. (2002)
NRG Energy, Inc. (2003)
NTL, Inc.
Nucorp Energy Inc.
Nu-kote Holding, Inc.
Oakwood Homes Corp.
OBrien Environmental Energy, Inc.
OCA, Inc.
Oglebay Norton Company
Olympia Holding Corp. / P-I-E Nationwide, Inc.
Oneida Ltd.
Optel, Inc.
Orbcomm Global, LP
Orion Pictures Corp.
Orius Corp.
Outboard Marine Corporation
Outsourcing Solutions Inc.
Owens Corning
Oxford Automotive, Inc.
Oxford Energy Co.
Pacific Gas & Electric Co.
Pacific Gateway Exchange, Inc.
PacificAmerica Money Center, Inc.
Paging Network, Inc.
Pan Am Corp.
Paracelsus Healthcare Corp.
Paragon Trade Brands, Inc.
Pathmark Stores, Inc.
Pathnet Telecommunications, Inc.
Pay N Pak Stores, Inc.
Payless Cashways, Inc. (1997)
Payless Cashways, Inc. (2001)
Pegasus Gold, Inc.
Pegasus Satellite Communications, Inc.
Penn Traffic Co (1999)
Penn Traffic Co (2003)
PennCorp Financial Group, Inc.
Penn-Dixie Industries, Inc.
Pentacon Inc.
Peregrine Systems, Inc.
Petrolane Gas Service LP
Pettibone Corporation
PFF Bancorp, Inc.
PG&E National Energy Group
Phar-Mor, Inc. (2001)
Philip Services Corp. (1999)
Philip Services Corp. (2003)
Phoenix Steel Corp.
PHP Healthcare Corporation
Pierre Foods, Inc.
Pilgrims Pride Corporation
Pillowtex Corp. (2000)
Pillowtex Corp. (2003)
Pinnacle Holdings, Inc.
Pioneer Companies, Inc.
Plaid Clothing Group Inc.
Planet Hollywood International, Inc.
Pliant Corporation
Pliant Corporation (2009)
Polaroid Corp
Polymer Group, Inc.
Pope & Talbot, Inc.
Premier Entertainment Biloxi LLC
Presidio Oil Company
Prime Motor Inns Inc.
Prime Succession, Inc.
Primus Telecommunications Group, Incorporated
ProMedCo Management Company
Propex, Inc.
Public Service Co of New Hampshire
Purina Mills, Inc.
Qintex Entertainment Inc.
R H Macy & Co. Inc.
R.H. Donnelley Corporation
Radice Corp.
Radnor Holdings Corporation
RCN Corporation
RDM Sports Group, Inc.
Read-Rite Corp.
Recoton Corp.
Recycling Industries, Inc.
Redback Networks Inc.
Reeves Industries Inc.
Refco Finance Inc.
Reliance Acceptance Group, Inc.
Reliance Group Holdings, Inc.
Reliant Building Products, Inc.
Remy International, Inc.
Renaissance Cosmetics, Inc.
REPH Acquistion Co.
Republic Engineered Products Holdings, LLC
Republic Technologies International Holdings, LLC
Residential Resources Inc.
Resorts International Inc. (1989)
Resorts International Inc. (1994)
Restaurant Enterprises Group Inc.
Revco D.S. Inc.
Revere Copper & Brass Inc.
Rexene Corp.
Rhythms NetConnections, Inc.
Rickel Home Centers Inc.
Roses Stores Inc.
Rouge Industries, Inc.
RSL Communications, Ltd.
Safelite Glass Corporation
Salant Corp. (1990)
Salant Corp. (1998)
Sambos Restaurants, Inc.
Saxon Industries Inc.
Sea Containers Ltd.
Seatrain Lines, Inc.
Seitel Inc.
Servam Corp.
Service Merchandise Company, Inc.
Seven Seas Petroleum, Inc.
Sharper Image Corporation
Silicon Graphics, Inc.
Silicon Graphics, Inc.
Silver State Bancorp
Sirva, Inc.
SleepMaster LLC
SLI, Inc.
SLM International, Inc.
Smartalk Teleservices, Inc.
Smith International Inc.
Smurfit-Stone Container Corporation
Solutia, Inc.
SONICblue, Inc.
Source Interlink Companies, Inc.
Southern Pacific Funding Corporation
Southland Corp.
Southmark Corp.
Spansion Inc.
Special Metals Corp
SpectraSite Holdings, Inc.
SpectraVision Inc.
Spectrum Brands, Inc.
SPI Holding, Inc.
Spiegel Inc.
Spreckels Industries Inc.
Stage Stores, Inc.
Standard Brands Paint Co.
Star Telecommunications Inc.
Startec Global Communications Corporation
Stations Holding Co, Inc. / Benedek Broadcasting Corp.
Stellex Technologies, Inc.
Sterling Chemicals Holdings, Inc.
Stockwalk Group, Inc.
Stone & Webster, Inc.
Storage Technology Corp.
Sudbury Inc.
Sun HealthCare Group, Inc.
Sun Television and Appliances, Inc.
Sunbeam Corporation
Sunterra Corp
Sun-Times Media Group, Inc.
Superior Telecom, Inc.
Syntax-Brillian Corporation
System Software Associates, Inc.
Tacoma Boatbuilding Co. (1985)
Talon Automotive Group, Inc.
Tarragon Corporation
Team Financial, Inc.
Technical Equities Corp.
Telesphere Communications Inc.
Teligent Inc
Telscape International, Inc.
Texaco Inc.
Texas American Bancshares Inc.
Texas General Resources, Inc.
Texas Petrochemicals Corp
TGX Corp.
Thaxton Group Inc.
Thermadyne Holdings Corp. (2001)
Thermadyne Industries, Inc. (1993)
Thorn Apple Valley, Inc.
Thornburg Mortgage, Inc.
Todd Shipyards Corp.
Tokheim Corp. (2000)
Tokheim Corporation (2002)
Touch America Holdings Inc
Tower Air, Inc.
Tower Automotive, Inc.
Towle Mfg. Co. (1986)
Towner Petroleum Co.
Tracor Holdings Inc.
Trans World Airlines, Inc. (1992)
Trans World Airlines, Inc. (1995)
Trans World Airlines, Inc. (2001)
Transmeridian Exploration Incorporated
Transportation Components Inc.
Trend-Lines, Inc.
Trenwick Group Ltd.
Tribune Company
Trico Marine Services
Trism, Inc.
Tronox Incorporated
Trump Entertainment Resorts, Inc. (2009)
Trump Hotels & Casino Resorts Inc.
Trump Plaza Funding Inc.
Trump Taj Mahal Funding Inc.
Trumps Castle Funding Inc.
TSL Holdings Inc. / Tandon Corp.
Tultex Corporation
Tweeter Home Entertainment Group, Inc.
TXCO Resources Inc.
U.S. Aggregates, Inc.
U.S. Home Corp.
U.S. Office Products Company
U.S.A. Floral Products, Inc.
UAL Corporation (United Airlines)
UDC Homes, Inc.
Ultimate Electronics, Inc.
Unicapital Corporation
Union Acceptance Corporation
United Artists Theatre Company
United Australia/Pacific, Inc.
United Companies Financial Corporation
United Merchants & Manufacturers Inc.
UNR Industries Inc.
UPC Polska, Inc.
US Airways Group, Inc. (2004)
US Airways, Inc. (2002)
USG Corp. (1993)
USG Corp. (2001)
USInterNetworking, Inc.
Valley Media Inc.
Value Merchants Inc.
Velocita Corp.
Vencor, Inc.
Venture Holdings Co LLC
Venture Stores, Inc.
Verado Holdings, Inc.
VeraSun Energy Corporation
Vertis, Inc.
Vesta Insurance Group Inc.
Vestron Inc.
ViaSystems Group Inc.
Viatel Inc.
ViCorp Restaurants, Inc.
Vista Eyecare, Inc.
Visteon Corporation
Vlasic Foods International, Inc.
W.R. Grace & Company
Wang Laboratories Inc.
Warnaco Group Inc.
Washington Group International, Inc.
Washington Mutual, Inc.
Waste Systems International, Inc.
WCI Communities, Inc.
WCI Steel Inc.
WebLink Wireless, Inc.
WebVan Group, Inc.
WedTech Corp.
Weirton Steel Corp.
Wellman, Inc.
Werner Holding Co. (PA), Inc.
West Point Acquisition Corp.
Westbridge Capital Corp.
Western Co. of North America
Western Preferred Corp.
Westmoreland Coal Co. (1994)
WestPoint Stevens Inc. (2003)
Wheeling Pittsburgh Corp. (2000)
Wheeling-Pittsburgh Steel Corp. (1985)
Wherehouse Entertainment, Inc. (1995)
Wherehouse Entertainment, Inc. (2003)
White Motor Corp.
WHX Corporation
Wickes Companies, Inc.
Williams Communications Group, Inc.
Wilshire Financial Services Group, Inc.
Wilson Foods Corp. (1983)
Winn-Dixie Stores, Inc.
Winstar Communications, Inc.
Wireless One, Inc.
WKI Holding Co.
World Access, Inc.
Worldcom, Inc.
Worlds of Wonder, Inc.
WorldSpace, Inc.
Worldtex, Inc.
WTD Industries Inc.
XO Communications, Inc.
Xpedior, Inc.
York Research Corp.
Young Broadcasting, Inc.
Zale Corp.
Zenith Electronics Corp.
Ziff Davis Media, Inc.
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