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May 22nd, 2019
Artist Name List

If you’re looking for a reference list of known artists as a starting point for research or exploring of art you might not have considered or experienced before this list might be helpful.

Artist Name List
Maria A’Becket – American Painter
Hans von Aachen – German Painter
Alvar Aalto – Finnish Architect
Magdalena Abakanowicz – Polish Sculptor
Masseot Abaquesne – Potter
Riza-i Abbasi – Persian Painter
Louise Abbema – French Painter
Edwin Austin Abbey – American Illustrator/Muralist
Berenice Abbott – American Photographer
Lemuel Francis Abbott – English Painter
Abel de Pujol – French Painter
Gertrude Abercrombie – American
Tony Abeyta – Native American Painter
Nicolai Abildgaard – Danish Painter
Ivor Abrahams – British Sculptor
Mark Abrahamson – American Photographer
Marina Abramovic – Yugoslavian Performance Artist
Albert Abramowitz – American
John Absolon – French Painter
Tomma Abts – German Painter
Carla Accardi – Italian
Vito Acconci – American Sculptor/Installation Artist
Andreas Achenbach – German Painter
Oswald Achenbach – German Painter
Chris Achilleos – Greek/British Painter/Illustrator
The Achilles Painter – Greek Vase Painter
Franz Ackermann – German Painter/Installation Artist
Max Ackermann – German Painter
Roger Ackling – British Sculptor
Lambert-Sigisbert Adam – French Sculptor
Nicolas-Sebastien Adam – French Sculptor
Robert Adam – Scottish Architect/Designer
Valerio Adami – Italian Painter
Ansel Adams – American Photographer
Clinton Adams – American Painter
Herbert Adams – American Sculptor
John Ottis Adams – American Painter
John Wolcott Adams – American Illustrator
Robert Adams – British Sculptor/Painter
Wayman Adams – American Painter
Robert Adams 1937 – American Photographer
Robert Adamson – Scottish Photographer
Louis-Emile Adan – French Painter
Bas Jan Ader – Dutch Performance Artist
Agbonbiofe Adeshina – Nigerian Yoruba Sculptor
Jankel Adler – Polish/German Painter
George Adomeit – American Painter
Alexander Adriaenssen – Flemish Painter
Pieter Coecke van Aelst – Flemish Painter
Willem van Aelst – Dutch Painter
Pieter Aertsen – Dutch Painter
The Affecter – Greek Vase Painter
Yaacov Agam – Israeli Painter/Sculptor
Eileen Agar – British Painter
Jacques-Laurent Agasse – Swiss Painter
Knud Agger – Danish Painter
Agostino di Duccio – Italian Sculptor
Agostino di Giovanni – Italian Sculptor
Agostino Veneziano – Italian Engraver
Joaquin Agrasot y Juan – Spanish Painter
John Ahearn – American Sculptor
Eija-Liisa Ahtila – Finnish Video Artist
William Aikman – Scottish Painter
Mario Airo – Italian
Craigie Aitchison – British Painter/Printmaker
Doug Aitken – American Video Artist
Ivan Aivazovsky – Russian/Armenian Painter
Giuseppe Ajmone – Italian Painter
Kinji Akagawa – American Sculptor
Carl Ethan Akeley – American Sculptor
Benjamin Paul Akers – American Sculptor
Manasie Akpaliapik – Canadian Inuit Sculptor
Francesco Albani – Italian Painter
Giovanni Alberghetti I – Italian
Anni Albers – German/American Textile Artist
Josef Albers – German/American Painter/Designer
Cherubino Alberti – Italian Painter
Giovanni Alberti – Italian Painter
Leon Baptista Alberti – Italian Architect
Mariotto Albertinelli – Italian Painter
Ivan Albright – American Painter
Conrad Albrizio – American
Heinrich Aldegrever – German Engraver
Pierre Alechinsky – Belgian Painter
William Van Alen – American Architect
Francis Alexander – American Painter
John White Alexander – American Painter
Peter Alexander – American
William Alexander – English Painter
Carlos Alfonzo – Cuban Painter
Alessandro Algardi – Italian Sculptor
Mihr Ali – Persian Painter
Ali ibn Muhhamad – Persian Sculptor
Giuseppe Alinari – Italian Photographer
Henry Thomas Alken – English Painter
Samuel Alken Sr. – English Painter
David Allan – Scottish Painter
William Allan – Scottish Painter
Christophe-Gabriel Allegrain – French Sculptor
Etienne Allegrain – French Painter
Gabriel Allegrain – French
Anne Allen – French Printmaker
Anne Huntington Allen – American Painter
Douglas Allen – American Illustrator
Greta Allen – American
Mary Cecil Allen
Terry Allen – American Sculptor
Helen Allingham – British Painter
Edward Allington – British
Thomas Allom – English Painter
Jennifer Allora – American
Alessandro Allori – Italian Painter
Cristofano Allori – Italian Painter
Washington Allston – American Painter
Laura Alma-Tadema – English Painter
Sir Lawrence Alma-Tadema – Dutch/English Painter
Darren Almond – British
Peder Als – Danish Painter
Denys van Alsloot – Flemish Painter
Charles Alston – African-American Painter/Sculptor
Jakob Alt – Austrian
Otmar Alt – German
Rudolf von Alt – Austrian Painter
Albrecht Altdorfer – German Painter
Mathias Alten – German/American Painter
Pawel Althamer – Polish
Kai Althoff – German
Altichiero – Italian Painter
Natan Altman – Russian Painter
John Altoon – American Painter
Aby Altson – Australian Painter
Mabel Alvarez – American Painter
Manuel Alvarez Bravo – Mexican Photographer
Francis Alys – Belgian
Giovanni Antonio Amadeo – Italian Sculptor
Edmond-Francois Aman-Jean – French Painter
Nicholas Amantea – American
Antonio Henrique Amaral – Brazilian Painter
Tarsila do Amaral – Brazilian Painter
The Amasis Painter – Greek Vase Painter
Eugene-Emmanuel Amaury-Duval – French Painter
Christoph Amberger – German Painter
Gregory Amenoff – American
Ghada Amer – Egyptian Painter
Mark Amerika – American Digital Artist
Friedrich von Amerling – Austrian Painter
Ezra Ames – American Painter
Giacomo Amiconi – Italian Painter
Cuno Amiet – Swiss Painter
Jost Amman – German Engraver
Bartolommeo Ammanati – Italian Sculptor
Carlos Amorales – Mexican
Emma Amos – African-American Painter
Jan van Amstel – Flemish Painter
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