7 Famous Mirrors you must know about

7 Famous Mirrors you must know about

Famous Mirrors are a fascinating topic to talk about.

The one classic piece that has remained popular for decades is the mirror. Whether they are cheap, expensive, or famous, all mirrors do one thing, and that is they reflect light.

Mirrors have a close connection with magic rites and rituals. Many historical stories and myths are believed to be associated with the reflections that the mirror has created. One exciting thing few people thought of is that reflections created by water and mirrors could tell the future.

Mirrors are mysterious and valuable. We cannot live without a mirror. Apart from its importance, mirrors are monstrous and powerful.

As the word is derived from the Latin word “Mirari,” its sole meaning is also ‘to admire.’ The meaning itself gives a compelling rhythm. Mirrors do exist through almost every century of civilization known to humankind.

Some Famous Mirrors have exciting histories and backgrounds that we have yet to be aware of. Yet, the fascinating story behind the famous mirrors is too good to miss. Here are some of the Famous Mirrors with exciting background stories that made them outstanding and thriving apart from the essential mirrors we know.

List of Famous Mirrors

1. The Famous Mirror of the Evil Queen  from the Grimm

The Famous Mirror of the Evil Queen  from the Grimm
The Famous Mirror of the Evil Queen  from the Grimm

I believe we have all heard about the famous fairy tale Snow White. In it, the evil queen enquires about her mirror every day by chanting, “Mirror, mirror on the wall, who is the fairest one of all.”

 She uses the mirror to know the truth and checks on it almost every day to check if anyone is fairer than her in the land.

This famous mirror one day tells her that she isn’t the fairest lady anymore. If we look further into the story, she consulted the mirror on how to get rid of the beautiful lady who seems more suitable than her.

2. The Famous Mirrors from Archimedes Focused Ship– Burning Mirrors

The tale of Archimedes is quite popular among the Romans. Some regard it as a myth; in it, Archimedes focuses on the sun’s rays by using his mirror and sets fire to burn the other ship.

The technique is famous among the Romans and used to burn other ships during wars.

The Romans were brilliant, so they were ahead of us in using mirrors as weapons.

Soon, we find movies in which mirrors are used to make fire out of papers and other things.

This shows the famous mirror’s usefulness and importance over the past decades.


3. Famous Mirrors of Perseus Shield and the Gorgon


This is also taken from the Greek Mythology. Perseus defeated the Gorgon Medusa by using his bronze shield as a mirror. Medusa is famous for her evil eyes, that is, her snake eyes which act as her hair.

It is said that people turn into stone by looking at her, which makes her undefeated for a very long time.

To slay her, Perseus used his bronze shield as a mirror and beheaded the Gorgon Medusa. A movie called Percy Jackson and the Olympians is even created in which we can see the furious battle between Perseus and Medusa.

It is one of the most interesting Greek stories, which shows the importance of the mirror on its own.


4. Famous Mirrors in Alice’s Looking Glass

I’m sure Lewis Carol’s Alice in Wonderland is popular with everyone. The book is littered with references to mirrors. 

It has one of the most famous mirrors in modern literature.

Alice uses the mirrors well by passing through the reflected world beyond. In the novel, Alice uses the famous mirror in many helpful ways.

She discovers a book on one of her expeditions, which is only read with the help of a handy mirror.

She even used a mirror to see the objects that were far from sight with one’s own eyes.

However, the ones that we have mentioned above are just the primary uses of the mirrors. Apart from this, you’ll find the many benefits of mirrors if you look more into the story.

The Famous Mirrors, again, is useful even in an entertaining story like Alice in Wonderland.


5. Famous Mirrors of  The Hubble Space Telescope Mirror

The Telescope Mirror is one fascinating object that shows the famous mirrors again. It is one of the most genius creations.

The intelligent use of mirrors in this phase is impressive and notorious in so many ways that it is difficult to understand from a usual viewpoint.

Let’s put it into simple words. In that case, famous mirrors show excellent importance even in the spacious creation of telescopes.  

Even the famous Leonardo Da Vinci realized the importance of mirrors and wanted to use them to magnify the heavens instead of lenses.


6 . Famous Mirrorsalso known as The Eye of God.

This contains the portrait of the image of Giovanni Arnolfini and Giovanni Cenami at their wedding.

The couples were seen standing with a mirror in between them. The viewer can see the couple’s back and two unidentifiable figures in the mirror.

The mirror is an eye for the whole room and can be seen even from our viewpoint.

This shows the most insightful use of mirrors again, and it is pretty fascinating to see the picture of the couple as we can see both their front and back from the mirror.

Some people find this creepy as it was slightly difficult to identify the two persons that can be seen apart from the couples.

The room has multiple layers of symbolism hidden inside the objects, and the mirror holds that symbolism.


7.Famous Mirror from The Picture of Dorian Grey

famous mirror of dorain grey

Last, but not the least How can we not mention this epic mirror in the book written by Oscar Wilde.


There is one popular myth that arises during teenage sleepovers. It is the practice of chanting “Bloody Mary” into a mirror, expecting a terrifying image to appear. There is also a gothic meaning behind this Bloody Mary thing that is very common to teenagers.

Some believe this crazy practice and often hallucinate a ghost figure in the mirror. This practice was prevalent among fellow teenagers, and a movie was even created out of this practice.

Mirrors are believed to cause humans to hallucinate. Even breaking mirrors, in some cases, is often regarded as something terrible approaching one’s side.

But this doesn’t mean that we should make conclusions on how mirrors could be dangerous and horrific. Only a few people have experienced the dark side in this case. For the rest of us, the mirror is a valuable tool that we can use to clarify our looks.

We often check ourselves in the mirror to see how we look, how our face changes, how our size changes, and sometimes even compliment ourselves over the mirror? In one direction, we gain confidence; in the other, we sometimes complain, thinking we’re too fat, ugly, huge, short, etc.


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