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High protein diets are useful for building muscle mass and reducing fat. This list contains some common foods rich with protein.

List of High Protein Foods
Black beans
Garbanzo (chickpeas)
Kidney beans
Lentil beans
Lima beans
Navy beans
Soybeans (edamame)
Cheddar cheese
Cottage cheese
Cottage cheese, lowfat
Milk, lowfat
Milk, skim
Muenster cheese
Swiss cheese
Yogurt, lowfat
Yogurt, nonfat
Anchovies, in water
Sardines, in water
Tuna, tongol
Oatmeal, rough cut
Pancake, buckwheat
Pancake, whole wheat
Popcorn, dry
Rice, brown, cooked
Rye bread
Whole wheat bread
Chicken breast
Chicken, light meat, no skin
Chicken, dark meat, no skin
Turkey, light meat, no skin
Turkey, dark meat, no skin
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