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April 22nd, 2018
Guitar Hero Song List

Guitar Hero is a popular music video game played with a guitar-like controller. It allows the players to learn to play songs by watching cues on the screen. Here’s a list of songs available for Guitar Hero.

Guitar Hero Song List
Year Song Title
1980 Ace of Spades
1983 Bark at the Moon
2002 Cochise
1990 Cowboys from Hell
1968 Crossroads
2001 Fat Lip
1972 Frankenstein
1977 Godzilla
2004 Heart Full of Black
2004 Hey You
1989 Higher Ground
1982 I Love Rock and Roll
1978 I Wanna Be Sedated
1994 Infected
1970 Iron Man
1974 Killer Queen
1976 More Than a Feeling
2002 No One Knows
1983 Sharp Dressed Man
1972 Smoke on the Water
1967 Spanish Castle Magic
2000 Stellar
1992 Symphony of Destruction
2002 Take It Off
2004 Take Me Out
1983 Texas Flood
1992 Thunder Kiss ’65
1992 Unsung
1982 You Got Another Thing Comin
1972 Ziggy Stardust
2005 Behind the Mask
2005 The Breaking Wheel
2005 Callout
2000 Caveman Rejoice
2005 Cheat on the Church
2005 Decontrol
2000 Eureka, I’ve Found Love
2005 Even Rats
2005 Farewell Myth
2005 Fire It Up
2005 Fly on the Wall
2001 Get Ready 2 Rokk
2005 Guitar Hero
2004 Hey
2005 Sail Your Ship By
2005 Story of My Love
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