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December 8th, 2014
100 Best Linux Games

Sonic Tux
Even if somewhat lacking compared to Windows and Mac gaming on Linux is alive and getting better. There is a number of good paid titles in addition to the decent free games available, and it is easier than ever to get and install them, especially if you are using Ubuntu with its Ubuntu Software Center (USC).

This is a selection of a whole of 100 best games available for Linux, some free and some paid, along with their genre and where you can acquire them. Hopefully it proves to be a convenient resource if you want to try out the best of Linux games. Feel free to offer your feedback in the comments below.

100 Best Linux Games
Game Get it from Genre
Xonotic USC, Developer FPS
Nexuiz Classic USC, Developer FPS
AssaultCube USC, Developer FPS
Sauerbraten USC, Developer FPS
OpenArena USC, Developer FPS
Red Eclipse USC, Developer FPS
Urban Terror Developer FPS
Alien Arena USC, Developer FPS
World of Padman Developer FPS
Warsow USC, Developer FPS
Tremulous USC, Developer Alien vs. Humans FPS RTS
Amnesia: The Dark Descent USC, Developer FPS Horror Adventure
The Penumbra Series Developer FPS Horror Adventure
Savage 2 – A Tortured Soul Developer RTS
0 A.D. USC, Developer Ancient warfare RTS
Trine and Trine 2 Gameolith, USC, Developer RTS
Heroes of Newerth Developer RTS
MegaGlest USC, Developer RTS
Globulation 2 USC, Developer RTS
Evolution RTS Developer RTS
The Cursed Developer RTS
Revenge of the Titans USC, Steam, Developer RTS
Conquest: Command & Conquer Desura, Developer RTS
Zero-K Developer RTS
Unknown Horizons Developer RTS
Advanced Strategic Command USC RTS
Widelands USC, Developer RTS
Frozen Synapse Developer Turn Based Strategy
Botanicula Developer Point-and-click Exploration
Machinarium DeveloperAdventure
Minecraft Developer Open world adventure/building
Minetest USC, Developer Open world adventure/building
Cradle Developer SciFi First Person Quest
Oil Rush Gameolith, USC, Developer Naval Strategy
Battle for Wesnoth USC, Developer Turn-based tactical strategy
Briquolo USC, Developer Breakout arcade
LBreakout2 USC, Developer Breakout arcade
Chromium B.S.U. USC Arcade shooter
Frozen Bubble USC, Developer Arcade
Hedgewars USC, Developer Worms arcade
Warmux USC, Developer Worms arcade
Ri-li USC, Developer Arcade
SuperTuxKart USC, Developer Arcade racing
Multiwinia USC, Developer Retro-arcade multiplayer
Irukandji USC, Developer Arcade (“score attack shooter”)
BIT.TRIP RUNNER USC, Developer Retro arcade
Krank USC, Developer Arcade
Tiny & Big Developer Arcade exploration
Lord of Ultima USC, Developer MMORPG
Vendetta Online Developer MMORPG
Bastion USC, Developer RPG
Freedroid USC, Developer RPG
Avadon: The Black Fortress Gameolith Fantasy RPG
NetPanzer USC, Developer Online multiplayer tactical warfare
Blocks That Matter Gameolith, Indievania, Desura, Developer Platform mash-up
And Yet It Moves USC, Steam, Developer Physics-based platform
BEEP Gameolith, USC, Developer “Platforming, shooting and physics-based gameplay”
LIMBO USC, Steam, Developer Platform
Braid USC, Developer Platform
SuperTux 2 USC SuperMario clone, platform
Secret Maryo Chronicles USC, Developer 2D platform
Three Dead Zed Gameolith, Developer action/puzzle platformer
Super Meat Boy! USC, Developer Platformer
Helena The 3rd Gameolith, USC, Developer Action platformer
Frogatto USC, Developer Platformer
World of Goo USC, Developer Physics based puzzle / construction
Neverball USC, Developer Puzzle action
Neverputt USC, Developer Puzzle action
7 Wonders: Magical Mystery Tour USC, Developer Arcade Puzzle
Puzzle Moppet USC, Developer Puzzle
Patricia’s Quest for Sun USC Puzzle
SpaceChem Gameolith, USC, Steam, Developer Puzzle
PokerTH USC, Developer Card game
Teeworlds USC, Developer Online multiplayer shooter
The Ur-Quan Masters USC, GOG, Developer Star Control clone, space strategy
Darwinia USC, Developer Themepark
Lincity-NG USC, Developer City simulation
Hacker Evolution: Untold Gameolith Hacker simulation
Hacker Evolution: Duality Gameolith Hacker simulation
DEFCON USC, Developer Online multiplayer simulation of global thermonuclear war
Family Farm Gameolith, USC, Developer Farming simulation
OpenTTD USC, Developer Transport Tycoon Deluxe clone, simulation
The Journey Down: Chapter One USC, Desura, Developer Classic point-and-click saga
Steel Storm: Burning Retribution USC, Desura, Steam, Developer Top down shooter
The Clockwork Man: The Hidden World USC, Developer Adventure
Superbrothers: Sword & Sworcery EP USC, Steam Developer Exploratory Action Adventure
CoreBreach USC, Gameolith, Developer Anti-gravity racing
TRAUMA Gameolith, USC, Developer Unique photographic experience game
Midnight Mysteries: Devil on the Mississippi USC Adventure
Lone Survivor USC, Developer Psychological horror
Frets on Fire USC, Developer Rhythm game (similar to Guitar Hero)
Performous USC, Developer All-in-one music: karaoke, band and dancing
Scorched 3D USC, Developer Multiplayer Scorched Earth clone
Castle Vox Developer Strategy board game
Lux Delux USC, Developer Strategy board game
Faerie Solitaire Gameolith, Developer Solitaire
Shadowgrounds Gameolith, Steam, Developer Top-down action
Shadowgrounds Survivor Gameolith, Developer Top-down action
Swords & Soldiers Gameolith, Developer Side-scrolling strategy
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100 Best Linux Games, 7.8 out of 10 based on 4 ratings
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  • RabidViper

    Yes AssaultCube! Metaphorical #1, damnit!

  • Lee Forest

    Savage, Savage 2, And heroes of Newerth are from S2 Games. They are available for free, and have native Linux clients. Very awsome games. Didn’t see them in the list. thought I’d mention em.

  • admin

    Savage 2: A Tortured Soul is in the list. :)

  • CFWhitman

    Heroes of Newerth is there too. It’s just spelled incorrectly.

  • lpbear

    “Legends”, one of the best and most overlooked games for Linux. Very Tribes like multiplayer game.

  • admin

    I fixed the Heroes of Newerth spelling. Thanks for pointing that out CFWhitman.